Auto-Release Buckles

The auto-release system is located on the side of the bindings and complements the drop-back highback by automatically opening and widening the ankle strap when the back is opened. When closing the highback, the system automatically fastens the strap and guarantees perfect hold with in a single move.

Micro Pump Buckles

The Micro Pump Buckles on the inside of the straps allow for last minute fine-tuning on the mountain; for example when there’s snow in the bindings or under the boot. Also, if more pressure is needed for a fast run-in or big kicker, the fine buckles easily tighten or loosen the strap for more range of motion or added response.

Aluminum Buckles

These buckles made from hardened aluminum are extremely sturdy and easy to use with gloves on. Depending on preference and boot flex, you can either close them super tight, or leave them a bit loose for more comfort. There's a little buckle with teeth band on the toe strap and a big buckle with a big teeth band on the ankle strap.