Back-screened topsheet

Topsheets with silkscreened graphics are printed on the backside of a transparent and impact-resistant topsheet material. This protects extremely well against damage without compromising design or color.

High-gloss lacquered topsheet

The application of a clear varnish coating on a board’s topsheet makes it even more durable and slick and prevents snow from sticking to the board. Partial grip varnish or a matte screen print, adds a tangible 3D effect with depth and special light reflecting qualities.

Topsheet with matte silk-screen printing

Screen printing with a matte lacquer finish makes the topsheet feel like suede and adds grip. Additionally, the combination of matte and glossy lacquers offers visual depth and a stylish 3D look.

Matte topsheet

This new, matte texture doesn’t only make the topsheet more scratch resistant but also adds anti-slip characteristics which come in handy when pushing or riding one foot. It also prevents snow from sticking to it.

Partial grip-lacquer

For this topsheet the Grip Lacquer is only applied zonally, giving the board an integrated stomp pad as well as an extra special look. Depending on the design, there are coarse or finer grains inside the lacquer – with or without glitter.

Ultra-light topsheet

At only 0.3mm, this high-tech razor thin topsheet guarantees maximum weight reduction but requires a specific print technology.

Scratch-resistant topsheet

This is an especially scratch resistant and sturdy topsheet for rental use.

Ultimate Vibration Object (UVO)

To guarantee the most stable and smooth ride, a new three dimensional construction technique to cushion disruptive vibrations was added in 2014/15. This incorporates free-floating mass dampeners that effectively counter vibrations with their own swing mass. Since the most oscillation occurs in the tips, the UVO is built near the top of the nose to minimize vibrations. Thanks to the 3D dampeners it works for blows and vibrations from all directions (360°). This ensures that the edges stay in contact with the ground (or are only disconnected very briefly), making the board ride a lot smoother while keeping perfect edge grip. Since the UVO technology is mounted freely it doesn’t interfere with the dynamics and liveliness of the board.

Anti-Vibrations-System (AVS)

The Anti-Vibrations-System is integrated directly into the topsheet underneath the bindings and absorbs all bumps and shocks with its special rubber/gel layers. The AVS unfurls its potential most noticeably when a board is on an edge, providing tremendous dampening and absorbing all vibrations.

Smart Torsion Inlay

With their special shape and positioning the Smart Torsion Inlays (made of special hardwood) enhance torsional stiffness, since pressure and power are distributed equally along the whole board and transferred to the edges. This results in better control and maximum hold for high-speed runs.

Barcode on Board

Topsheets with integrated barcodes were specifically developed for the rental market to enable keeping track of servicing the boards as well as rentals.