A freestyle riding terrain park is unarguably the most intimidating landscape for a rookie snowboarder. This is because the terrain park could be an artificial or naturally obtained expanse filled with boxes, pipes, rails, banks, and other good riders that seem to challenge the oncoming athlete’s skill.

Besides that, the Terrain Park is challenging, it also offers snowboarders the opportunity to build their skills, create new tricks and express themselves in various ways. Before proceeding to the Terrain Park, however, you must do and understand the following.

Get A Comfy Snowboard

This entails getting an apparatus that is well able and willing to work with you. A snowboard could be fashionable and yet dysfunctional or unsuitable for you. Therefore, it must be a priority for you to get a snowboard that would ease your training, not make it difficult.

Know Your Most Vital Stance and Some Basics

You cannot perform well if you have problems with your stance; therefore, know your primary stance and work with it, especially if you are a beginner. Also, practice some basics you know. Basics like the small jumps, small ride on rails and ride on boxes would cause you no problems even if you fall, and they would prepare your mind for the tasks ahead.

Accept that you will fall

As you repeat your stunts and practice more, you will fall on some occasions; it is inevitable. This doesn’t mean you should be scared or give up; learning something new always comes with its difficulty—a part of being prepared for the fall includes buying a helmet and other protective gear.

Warm-Up and Stay Within Your Abilities

Warming up will increase your flexibility, and as you progress slowly and steadily, you would easily stay within your limits and not sprain or overstretch your muscles. This is not to say don’t dare to learn higher things but gradually build your confidence, and when you feel ready to carry out bigger tricks, go for it.

Know Your Environment and Observe Others If You Are New

Be clear about the size of the park and the possible obstacles you might encounter within the premises. If you are a beginner, or maybe it’s your first time on the Terrain, be sure to observe persons who know the area well enough. 

By watching others, you would get to see someone else perform a trick you didn’t know how to do, and you would also get a general idea on how the park works, including where to line up at the start and where to end.

Train with Friends

When you sport with your familiar acquaintances, you feel more relax and more open to learning. Even when you fall, and your friends encourage you, you would be motivated to practice more and overcome.

Check Out the Features Before Use and Do Not Cut Across Features

It would be more appropriate to ride alongside the jump rail to view it before snowboarding on it. This is for your safety. After you have carefully scaled the feature, avoid cutting across the bottom of a landing. Also, avoid cutting in front of takeoffs to prevent someone from crashing into you.

Inform Other Athletes of Your Drop

Usually, athletes line up at the top of the rail, and one by one, they ride down. When it is your turn to slide down, inform the athletes beneath the rail of your intention to drop. This would afford the athlete before you time to evacuate the feature and ensure you do not ride into another athlete that may have crashed at the endpoint of the feature.


While snowboarding in a terrain park could be fun and challenging, fatalities could also result if you fail to do the needful. Therefore, adhere to these tips, and you are indeed set for exploits, development, and many successful years of sportsmanship.


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