Snowboard Skating – How To Guide

Snowboard Skating is a way of skating on your snowboard. Snowboard skating is when you have only kept one foot strapped onto your snowboard. It is very simple but important that you need to know how to work on the snowboard, it can be an important factor to know while you are learning to snowboard. It may be something such as to get across a damn flat spot or to bust out of a one-foot double backflip or just getting on and off the chair.

You should at least understand the below things before going to snowboard:

  • Parts of a Snowboard
  • How to One Foot Turn
  • How to One Foot Sideslip

Skating on a snowboard is quite similar to when you skating while you are on the ground. Learning skateboard is not that complex, it is just leading with one leg to your front and pushing forward with the other leg to your back.

The First Step

You should always slightly bend your knees and stand with your head up; it would let you know where you are going. It is better to keep your arms at a distance, this makes it perfect for balancing, when you need to, you can then start to push with your free foot behind or front of your snowboard with the other leg.

It is better to start with little shuffles when you are trying to balance your body. You should always try and get the push as long as you can. Once you get the hang of it, you get the momentum, next what you need to do is keep your free foot on the snowboard which should be against your back and thus should bind and coasts for some time.

Turning Around

There is a particular way to move on the snowboard when you want it to turn around, you need to put your free foot in the front and then push the snow behind your board and start to turn around.

Turning around the Snowboard

As soon as you are done becoming comfortable you can start gliding around, you can start turning around the snowboard edges. Try leaning to the tongue of the boots you are wearing and then add a little pressure onto the edge of your toe. This will give you a clean turn with the balance on the toe. Slightly lean-to onto the back so that you can apply the perfect amount of pressure to your heel. Now you can make a slight turn on your heels.

Fun Ways to Practice

If you want to learn snowboarding, it is best if you have some friends around you. There are many games which you can practice with your friends and improve your skating skills.

Racing on the Snow

The first game which can be played is like the other racing games. You can get along with another player like other races which are played; Pick a start and finish line and the first person to get through the is the winner.


The next game is the age-old classic game which is also known as a tag. This game will help you move around very quickly as you try to get out of the grip of your friend who is tagging you all along. These games put a lot of challenges for the player who are playing the game as it requires a lot of balance and skill. 

Obstacle Course

The last and the most difficult game is setting up and pass through the obstacle course like a skilled professional. You would require a lot of practice to understand who to come in and out of the obstacle and thus challenge your own skating skills.

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