How to Guide: Snowboard Jumps

Many of you might have a question about Snowboarding jumping technique and what should you be doing to do a Jump? Well! many people are not sure what needs to do. However, some might think that ‘The pop’ Technique, might be the answer, if you think that is the answer, then that would be right!

The snowboard jumping technique can be divided into 3 different styles. Each of these jumping styles has a different purpose and has a different set of rules and difficulty and has it own unique challenges.

Mainly one of them is difficult.

However, you will come to know about it later in the article.

The 3 types of snowboarding are:

1) The Ollie

2) The Pop

3) The Nollie

Most of the snowboarders use the Ollie or the Pop as their preferred snowboarding style, but on many occasions, you might see an opportunity to try the other techniques which many people also know as Nollie!

Now you might want to know “what the hell is a Nollie?”

Do many new learners have the questions such as where can you use these techniques of jumping?

So, in this article let’s begin with the first technique: Ollie on a snowboard.

In this snowboarding technique it would need a lot of energy when you skid in the snow on our snowboard, it is mainly worked by jumpers when they are jumping onto rails or boxes.

Now comes the other technique Ollie ” How to Ollie on a Snowboard?”

The answer to the above question is given below

Step 1: You need to start off at a beginning point. Stand very still and then imagine how would a gun work when the bullet is loaded in it. It is the same for your Ollie. It is very similar to firing a gun with a loaded bullet.

Step 2: Then your front foot would require all your weight to be shifted on it but start to build up the pressure through the snowboard.

Step 3: Once the full body weight has moved towards the front then try moving all the weight towards the front and then shift your weight to the back of the snowboard. 

Step 4: Now lift your foot towards the front and try jumping towards the tail of the snowboard.

This technique should be done with perfection to master technique.

Where to Practice?

Always practice near a flat land when you are snowboarding down the hill.

Ollie is also used to Jump over obstacles sometimes around ski areas, these techniques are known as the Jumping technique. You should ensure that you are jumping from an appropriate height so that you can clear most obstacles on the hill.

So Where Should You Not Use This Technique?

You should not use the Ollie in cases when you are going off jumps in the park or when you want to get yourself out of the Halfpipe.

The Ollie is one of the best techniques to make Air-time between the jump from the snow.

However, make sure the speed of your snowboard is limited while you are going off a Jump!

The problem you might face while doing an Ollie technique is that it becomes very easy for a person to lose control and lose balance when they are in the Air!

This is one reason when the technique of jumping also known as ‘the pop’ comes in!

The Pop off Jump Technique:

The pop technique is usually used when you have a platform to launch your jump.

The jump might include the jumps at Halfpipe, off a bank or off a cat track, or off a cliff.

This pop-up jumping technique does not give you that much of a high jump in the air such as Ollie, but if you gain extra speed it can create high jumps when you clash with some of the features in and around the mountain, hence you don’t need a high jump during the pop-up technique. This feature has a natural jump in it.

All you need is a platform where you can control the jump and be stable while you are in the air. It is a very easy and effective technique and is best for learning new tricks.

How Can You Do A Pop-Up Jump?

Step 1: When you jump off with both the feet in the air, many prefer the edge which is towards the toe, you can also jump with the pressure on the heels but for the time being it would be best to just jump off with pressure on the toes.

Step 2: You should make sure to have a start point where you are maintaining a stationary position, the weight should spread evenly on both legs and then put slight pressure and push down on the toes.  When you Pop up, keep the weight on your legs, and in the meanwhile also put your legs up in the air.

Step 3: You should understand the center of mass should always be over the snowboard. Make sure you are relaxed when you are doing this.

If you plan to break at the waist, then you must have planned to fall forward when you are in the air. If you plan this technique in a correct manner then you will have the capability to jump and land at the exact same spot. As soon as you are comfortable with the jump while you are in the same position then it is the perfect time to work this out while you are moving.

Last But Not the Least Jumping Technique of Snowboard Is Known As the Nollie:

This is a mixture of Ollie and a nose press; in this technique, you are taking a jump positioning yourself near the nose of the snowboard, and then lifting the tail of the board when you are flying through the air.

It is supposed to be a trickier procedure than the other snowboarding techniques. You can say it is much more advanced for a snowboarder who is a beginner and should be attempted with great caution.

How to work on the procedure of the Nollie Jump:

Step 1: You don’t need to load the nose with pressure and then transfer the pressure to the tail.

Step 2: After settling down you need to put full pressure on the nose and then lift your back foot above the ground and then take a hump of the nose, never lose the basic stance over your snowboard!

This technique of jumping is usually used on rails or small terrain specifications such as rollovers.

You need to maintain a position that is stationary then start to snowboard down the hill.

Where And When Would You Use A Nollie?

This technique of jumping is more often used for adding a sparkle to the way of the technique you generally use. You can use this technique while performing on rails, performing presses (nose/tail), off cat tracks, etc.

How Do You Jump With These Techniques?

Many people have this question when they are learning the technique.

Firstly, you need to understand that you need to be performing a pop jump. (jumping off our toe edge!)

First step: you need to see how the other snowboarders hit their jump and try to guess the speed at which they make the jump. Also, check the way they are making the landing.

Are the snowboarders overshooting it or is it too short?

You want to proceed with the perfect jump and then land down perfectly after it.

Then you need to watch the speed of other snowboarder’s lands and do the jump perfectly. Take an idea of where the others started (point snowboard straight) and try the jump yourself.

Once you know that you have got the perfect starting point, then you can point your snowboard straight and do follow the same line as the other snowboarder who nailed it prior to you.

Try switching from heel to toe while you are going down, just remember that when you leave the starting point, you should be on the edge of the toe.

As soon as you leave the lip, you should make sure to have flexed knees and have a relaxed body. (Strong basic stance)

Now start to easily pop off the toes when you hit the lip and start pushing the legs towards the chest.

How Do You Perform Tricks On Your Snowboard With Balance And Control?

It is easier to say than it is done.

Let’s give you a clear view of how things are done. Let’s break the movements down so you can increase the chances of understanding the jumping tricks by 100%.

The trick to getting everything done perfectly is relaxation and stance.

As you start the jump, you need to check for yourself if the upper and lower body are in alignment with your snowboard.

Your knees need to be tight and, in a position, which is relaxed, as soon as you lift both feet, make sure that the weight of your body is spread evenly on both feet. You need to keep the arms in an outward position along the side.

Once you are not on the lip. At this moment you need to push your knees up and get ready to grab.

Keep your focus straight and proceed with one thing at a time, you need to take off, push the knees towards the chest and then grab, eventually, the spread will increase and this trick will start to happen in a natural manner.

How to Jump Off a Cat Track on Your Snowboard?

Things you should be thinking about when you’re about to jump off a cat track on your snowboard.

Firstly, you need to understand when you are landing or make sure you spin around and see where you want to land. You need to spot your landing before you land on the ground.

You can try performing an Ollie or pop off on a cat track, However, it depends on the speed which you are at while you are trying the feature.

If the speed is slow, you’ll perform an Ollie, if the speed is fast, you’ll be popping off. Always make sure that you land safely and there is no obstruction while you land.

As you pop, push your legs and grab at this point you will feel like you are flying, so relax and enjoy. Don’t lose focus. Make a landing point, the legs should be relaxed and you need to get ready for impact.

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