Snowboard Grabs – How to Guide

The world of Snowboard Grabs is very complicated. If you like snowboarding then you might want to add style to your riding and the proper way of getting the preferred perfect grab in your riding is by enhancing the style of your grabs. However, grab is not just a particular style. They also are a great way to stabilize and control yourself when you are in the air, thus it helps you in improving your riding. Today let’s learn about the various snowboard grabs.

How to Practice?

The best place to practice your snowboard grabs before you got to the mountain to try your skills. You need to grab your Training Board to the trampoline facility which is in your locality or you can even try to jump on your tramp which is in the backyard so that you can practice the various grabs.

You should always follow the following things before you practice:

1.Strap on to your training board.

2.You need to bend down and grab the board.

  1. You need to hold the grab for a couple of seconds and then get yourself in a standing position.

4.Try balancing yourself while you do this.

Snowboard: Types of Grabs

There are various ways in which you can grab your board while you are snowboarding and most of the grabs are pretty easy to do. However, there are some very difficult ones grabs that can cause injuries if not done properly. Among all grabs, most of them are done on the side which faces your toes or the sides of the heels edge the position should be between the feet, while a few are can be done by the nose and tail. Try to avoid grabbing between your nose and binding and tail and binding. These aren’t considered stylish. The following diagram shows you where and how to grab your snowboard.

Nose Grab

A Technique of the Nose grab is when your hands grab the front tip (nose) of your snowboard. Lift one of the leg up in the front and then extend the other leg so that you can bring the board up towards your hand.

Mute Grab

The hand grabs the side facing the toe which is mostly in-between the bindings (if not then, it’s a slob grab, which is not considered a good style). To finish the grab, the leg which is in the front, often stretches towards the tail bone.

Seatbelt Grab

When the hand reaches across the front part of your body and you are able to grab the tail, while the front part of your leg is entirely near the nose (nose bone). As soon as you get the grab, you can style it easily, the only thing you have to do is stretch everything out.

Melon Grab

A Melon is where you get the grab at the side of the heels (between your feet) positioning your hands in the front of the body. It is very much like the Stale fish grab but you grab the board with the front hand on the front of the body.

Method Grab

This is one of the most famous and unique grabs The Method Grab can also be called a tweaked Melon grab. You need to combine the backside shift with a Melon and then position your legs behind your back in such a manner that they extend. This is one of the most unique and stylish grabs when it comes to snowboarding.


A Japan grab can be done when you can tweak out a Mute grab which is position behind the back of the body of the rider.

Chicken Salad

It is very much similar to a Roast Beef Grab but this requires reaching through your legs through the edge of the heels with the hands in the front of the body.


Also similar to a Japan Grab but the position of the hand is behind you which goes through your legs to the front edge.


This can be called the basic grabs as your hand grabs your toe edge with the hands positioned towards the back which is slightly positioned inside the back of the feet.

Stale fish

A Stale fish grab is when the heel side edge is grabbed (between your feet) with hands positioned going towards the back.


You can also call it Indy’s ugly cousin! Many times it is also referred to as a “panic grab” and is also referred to a style that is not very good.

Tail Grab

A Tail Grab is where your position your hands towards the back of your body and grab the tail of your board. Then you bring the leg which is behind, up, then position your hands behind   to grab the board. Lastly, you extend your leg to help to reach the grab.


The hand positions itself near across the front of the body. The leg is stretched towards the back as much as you can in a tailbone style and make sure that your arm is also stretched. The hand then moves away pokes towards the back so that the upper body is ready for the grab.

Roast Beef

A Roast Beef grab is the one when you move towards your feet with the hand towards the back, positioning your legs, and then grab the edge of your snowboard towards the heel.

Canadian Bacon

This is a totally opposite grab than the Taipan grabs, the hand towards the back, through the legs, and grabbing the snowboard at the toe edge.

Rocket Air

In this grab both the hands hold to the board, while the rear leg is attached to the board and the front leg is in a position that is pulled up.

Cross Rocket

It is also very similar to the Rocket Air, this also involves two hands grabbing the nose but the hands are crossed so that you can grab opposite sides of the nose of the snowboard. The rear leg is attached to the board in a straight manner and the front leg is pulled up.

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