What’s more interesting than skating a snowboard through the snow? Snowboarding with friends out of the country is such a nice idea. However, it requires you to be smart and careful. We bring to you some avalanche safety precautions as you will need these measures for your next snowboarding. So, read till the end.

Know About the Basics

You need to be educated about the basics of snowboarding. You need to be schooled through the Avalanche Safety Course. Once you know about level one of the course, you are good to go. 

This course is usually offered at the rate of $200. I can assure you that that amount is a token if compared to the volume of resources and information you will get from the course. The course usually entails studying theories in the classroom for a day and going out to the mountain for practical snowboarding in the mountains. 

The practical works include how you can analyze your choice of route to follow and how you can rescue a fellow snowboarder that needs help. Apart from these lessons, some mountains will provide free avalanche awareness tours which will of course give you an experience of how avalanche snowboarding is and the risks associated with it.

Make Enquiries of Forecasts

Always make time to check for avalanche forecasts and other related factors. You can always check for potential problems in the avalanche, areas that are easily affected by wind, and other ratings for the treeline, and alpine. It is very essential that you make these inquiries before you start your trip.

During winter, you also need to observe how the weather and snow have been, so you can have an idea about how much snow has accumulated. You can then determine the level of risk involved in your trip. You can always browse through some avalanche forecast websites to check for forecasts.

Do Not Go on a Tour Alone

Going on avalanche snowboarding alone has claimed a lot of lives. Presuming there’s an emergency, who will help you if you are alone? So, always go snowboarding in groups because they will always come through for help whenever the need arises.

Asides from emergency, smarter decisions are made when there are two or more heads involved. You will always make the best decision on when to ride on the mountain when to refrain from other decisions that may come up while riding.

Do Not Go Above Your Limit

One thing you must always note is that you must stay within your limits. You must ride at your level, do not allow anyone to mount pressure on you to do something above your limits. It’s cool to try out new skills, but make sure you must have learned them well before putting them into practice.

You are not a professional here, so, always have your fun within your limits. If you go above your limits, then you are at risk of getting injured. Also, always follow your instincts in whatever decision you wish to make while snowboarding.

Be Fully Equipped

Always ensure that you have the right and essential gear before embarking on a tour. The essential tools you will need include a probe, beacon, shovel among other tools. The tools may be expensive in price, but so long as your safety depends on them, then they are worth it.

These basic tools have been tested and are a must-have for those that wish to go snowboarding in the avalanche someday. You can also get the Avalung or an Avalanche Airbag if you can afford them. The Avalung and the Avalanche Airbag are sophisticated gears which when used, have a higher chance of survival in dangerous circumstances.

Final Words

Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder in the United States once said that;

Sometimes, the mountains would say GET OFF HERE, while some other times, the mountains would welcome you saying, it’s party time, come on in”

We all want to wind down by snowboarding in the backcountry without the fear of being cautioned. However, in search of this fun, we must always ensure to be fully equipped and put every other precaution into practice. The above tips will help you have a safe avalanche experience and as well enjoy the experience.

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