Snowboarding is an amazing sport to engage in as everyone thinks skaters are cool. One striking thing that you would notice about top skaters is that almost everything they wear is branded and fits properly. 

Are you also a pro skater or an aspiring one? Your choice of gears such as boot, snowboard, and binding can greatly influence your look and what more, it can make skating fun or frustrating for you. In this article, we will be considering some cool snowboarding styles. 

Snowboarding gears are manufactured to suit different snowboarding styles. Therefore, you have to keep your preferred style in mind while selecting your gears, as this will help you narrow down your choice.

There are three broad categories of snowboarder style according to manufacturers, although there is no official definition. Since the manufacturer classification is consistent across the marketplace, we will be considering them.

All Mountain

The first category we will be considering is All mountain, and this is the most common among riders. From the name, it is the gear used by snowboarders who ride all through the mountain, i.e., top to bottom.

These types of riders usually skate on the groomed ground most times, but on their way back up, they may encounter ungroomed areas, which are going to be challenging for them. Due to the peculiarity of their skating condition and style, they require gears, which gives them the ability to respond adequately depending on their terrain.


The second category is for daredevil skaters who go in search of ungroomed areas that are equally steep so that they can skate through at incredible speed. These riders aren’t scared to skate along dangerous terrain.

As they skate, they will contact obstacles, challenging terrain, and different snow conditions, from ice to power. Due to their peculiar skating condition, they require stiffer gears that afford them quick responses under unpredictable and critical conditions.


This third group of skaters prefers to spend their time skating at parks, and performing different stunts, and taking part in both big and small jumps.

This type of skating requires gears with softer flexing that will serve a dual purpose.

The first purpose is the ease of tweaking that the gear offers, which allows them to carry out different stunts easily.

The second purpose is that they allow the riders to land easily. Using another type may through them off balance when landing during their stunt.

Inspiration for snowboarder style?

Most of us look up to one snowboarder or the other as our role model. It is easy to look at them and get attracted to the label on their gears. However, it takes more than the gears to be a snowboarder. Snowboarding is like art, and each snowboarder brings their personality into the sport, which makes them stand. 

In addition to the personality of the skater, his influence and experience play a role in molding their snowboarding style. Therefore, each snowboarder is unique, as no two people can have the same set of influence, experience, and personality. Therefore, in the real sense, there are infinite snowboarding styles. 

For example, Jamie Lynn developed a skating style from natural training instead of the sculpted terrains that are common at big competitions and resorts.  If you are  someone who loves nature, Jamie Lynn can be a significant source of inspiration. A natural terrain brings out the creativity in me and drives me to explore my skills.

His style and relationship with Libtech have gone to influence the design of many snowboard gears. You see, it was not because of the equipment he developed his style; rather, his style influenced the design of the gears. Therefore, no matter what you do, do not allow anything to limit you, instead allow your skills to find full expression.


As we stated earlier, there is no official categorization except the one used by manufacturers. Therefore, it is possible that more than one of the three styles appeal to you. There is no hard and fast rule in this area so that you can tweak the different gears to suits your taste. However, we must consider the three broad categories as it gives you a hint of what to watch out for when skating. For example, if you are more freestyle skate, your choice should be narrowed down to lighter gears. Therefore, we cannot be fixated on the general categories because even within each category, there are many more styles that we cannot begin to consider now.

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