Picking the perfect snowboard for yourself totally affects the amount of adventure you can have on the snowboard. It does not matter if you are in a park or a powder hound, the snowboard shape and size can prove to have a huge effect on the amount of fun you can have on the snowboard. The below article can help you in getting the perfect snowboard that would enhance your game and adventure.

Snowboard Size Which Would Be Best For You

The snowboard size calculator can tell a person which snowboard would fit you properly and would let you enjoy your game to the utmost. It makes your search easy as you would know what the requirement is. However, you just need to follow the below details to get the best snowboard for yourself:

  1. Your gender.
  2. Your weight.
  3. Your height.
  4. The level you ride on.
  5. Type of riding.

Getting the perfect size snowboard relies on the following factors such as your weight and height. Professional snowboarders who have a huge built and are heavier need to get a longer snowboard, people who have a short built and are light in weight should go for a shorter snowboard. Before buying, check if the board comes more or less between your chin and your nose when held straight.

The next thing which you need to consider should be is the level you generally ride. Shorter snowboards are easier to control. The reason is that they have shorter edges and get less in contact with the snowy surface. Hence, the edges get easily released and even allows the snowboard to spindle even when the speed of the Snowboard is slow. The snowboard which is longer have edges that are longer and get to touch the snowy surface more than usual and provide control and power while turning at high speed. People who are beginning to learn the game should opt for a snowboard that is shorter. Pro snowboarders who know the tricks of the game and need to control at higher speed should get a longer snowboard.

Next What You Need To Think About Is the Type of Riding

The important factors which need to be considered are weight and height when selecting a snowboard, but you should also think about your riding style.

If your riding style is freestyle, then you would require a shorter snowboard. These snowboards are easy to control and can quickly act according to the change of speed and direction. The can easier spin because of the smaller size. It can act as a very good snowboard if you are onto rails spinning off during jumps, or need to make adjustments while landing. Snow parks have snow that is properly groomed and riding at high speeds is possible with these snowboards. You don’t need a longer snowboard at the snow park because the bumps are not inconsistent and rough, thus don’t require extra control which a longer board offers.

The other type of riding is freeride snowboarding. If you like backcountry snowboarding and powder snowboarding then you would require a snowboard that can control speed riding during changing snow conditions. The snow condition in the backcountry can be very inconsistent and is deep in some areas and powder in some. A longer snowboard provides you length near the nose to break through deep snow and the surface comes in contact with more snow providing you more control even in rough and irregular snow.

A snowboard that is longer provides more stability and speed at speed and adds more float while in the powder. The ones which are short can be maneuvered easily and are recommended for beginners, it is also good for people who have a freestyle type of riding because you can easily spin and press.

How Do Snowboards Vary?

The only different thing which anyone can understand when talking about snowboards is the size. However, there are only a few people who understand that there is a difference between a freestyle snowboard and a free ride snowboard. There are many manufacturers which are including advanced technology to create a new version of snowboards. However, to be precise the differences in all snowboards be it women or men do fall into two types: The Camber of the snowboard and the shape of the snowboard.

What Is Camber Of The Snowboard?

The snowboard bent is known as the camber of the snowboard. The bent shape all along with the snowboard when the board touches the ground is called the camber of the snowboard. When a rider has its weight put on the board it always is found to be straight but as soon as the weight is taken off it returns to its camber. This is done while building the board. This shape of the board plays a huge role in affecting its characteristics that include the responsiveness of the board & the pop, along with grip oat the edges and the part of the snowboard which can float in the powder.

A couple of years ago there were multiple new versions of snowboard which were manufactured by various brands to experiment with snowboarding techniques. The builders can with a lot of innovation and came up with different flexes and shapes. However, nowadays these styles have been consolidated in the below types. Thus, most of them are very popular among riders.

Types of camber of snowboard:

  • Rocker or Reverse Camber Snowboards
  • Hybrid cambers
  • S Rocker
  • Cam Rocker
  • Flat Rocker Snowboards
  • Directional Camber

What Is The Varied Type Of Snowboard Shapes?

Manufacturers of snowboards have been experimenting with snowboards for a long time and have created snowboards for varied styles of riding. That means for each type of riding there is a specific board that needs to be used. The board shape can have a huge impact on the person’s riding style or vice versa.

  • Directional.
  • Tapered.
  • Asymmetrical twin.
  • True Twin.
  • Directional Twin.

Women & Men Snowboard Size Calculator:

  • 4’10”: A person with a height of 147 cm and a weight range of 50-54 kgs should get a snowboard of 128-136.
  • 5′: A person with a height of 152 cm and a weight range of 52-59 kgs should get a snowboard of 133-141.
  • 5’2”: A person with a height of 158 cm and a weight range of 57-61 kgs should get a snowboard of 139-147.
  • 5’4”: A person with a height of 163 cm and a weight range of 61-66 kgs should get a snowboard of 144-152.
  • 5’6”: A person with a height of 168 cm and a weight range of 63-70 kgs should get a snowboard of 149-157.
  • 5’8”: A person with a height of 173 cm and a weight range of 68-75 kgs should get a snowboard of 154-162.
  • 5’10”: A person with a height of 178 cm and a weight range of 77-84 kgs should get a snowboard of 159-167.
  • 6’: A person with a height of 183 cm and a weight range of 77-84 kgs should get a snowboard of 160 and above.
  • 6’2”: A person with a height of 188 cm and a weight range of 82-88 kgs should get a snowboard of 160 and above.
  • 6’4”: A person with a height of 188 cm and a weight range of 86-93 kgs should get a snowboard of 160 and above.

What Are The 4 Types Of Snowboard?

Snowboards can be divided into 4 types

  • Beginner Snowboards: As a beginner, the snowboard which you need to select should be the short ones that have softer flex. These boards are easy to turn even at low speed and do not need more stability which the longer & hard snowboard can offer.  These boards are perfect for riding in the park. The day you start jumping higher, you can opt for the longer boards. The smaller snowboards are also reasonably priced.
  • Freestyle Snowboards: These snowboards are small in size. They are much softer. It is easier to throw around in the snow park, also for snowboarding on boxes and rails. The perfect freestyle board has a shape that is a twin tip and has plenty of pop. So, it does not make any problem while you are riding at speed or at a normal pace.
  • All-Mountain Snowboards: All mountain boards are good for riders who prefer one board for all the activities in the mountain. All-mountain snowboards have a da distinct nose and tail so they float better and can be controlled easily. It means that you can snowboard on any type of snow from powder to hard snow and it even works on the groomed snow in the snow park.
  • Freeride Snowboards: If you like an adventure in powder snow then the snowboard you need to choose is the Freeride snowboards. It usually has a longer nose and has a tapered shape. These snowboards provide the board to float more while in the powder snow.

Snowboarding companies have been developing many shapes of a snowboard. Hence, there are many options to choose from. Get a snowboard that suits you as a rider and enhances your ability is the main thing you should look for. It might be tricky to find the board which suits you. However, if you have read the above guide then you surely can make a good choice for your board.

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