Völkl Skin Pin system

Völkl's Skin Pin System enables a fast and simple set up of skins, which can be secured in the loops in the nose and tail of the board. The skins are fixed in the loop with a 90 degree rotation while attaching them. The other end is fixed by hooking the rubber stretcher system to the loop in the tail. This patented Skin Pin snap closure is only used by Völkl!

Custom-fit vacuum base climbing skins & skin bag with micro fleece

These unique touring skins were developed with Kohla from Tyrol and provide simple handling in every terrain and weather condition as the vacuum texture sticks to the base even in very low temperatures and high humidity. These glue-less skins are also easy to clean and can be stuck together and stored after climbing, without a separating foil. They are made of 65% mohair and 35% PES polyester, combining excellent gliding characteristics with impeccable wear properties and restraining forces of PES. Equipped with the Völkl Skin Pin-System in the front and rubber stretcher in the back they are easy to mount, as they are cut to perfectly match the shape of the board. The Skin Bag makes storage easy and has a soft fleece lining that is perfect for cleaning and drying the base before sticking the skins on.

Voilé Split Kit with dual height climbing heels

Thanks to the Split Kit Bindings developed by Voilé, splitboards can be split and put back together again in a few quick steps. The integrated, dual height adjustable climbing system also saves energy in steep climbs.

Crampons Voilé Interface (optional)

For climbs in especially steep or icy terrain, there are additional crampons available for the Voilé System. Their shape provides great hold on icy slopes and long traverses in steep terrain. The crampons slot into the Voilé Interface and are fixed in place with a single pin.

Crampons Völkl Fastec Splitec Alu bindings (optional)

These crampons can be introduced from the back of the bindings on the ascent, without having to take the bindings off. This is especially handy in challenging terrain and changing snow conditions.

Touristick Vario telescope sticks (optional)

These aluminum touring sticks are the perfect addition to your backcountry kit. They break down into four pieces and so can be easily packed. They can also be adjusted to fit all size of rider. They also feature a Gripzone for shorter holds in traverses and removable powder baskets, while the automatic loops inside add extra comfort.

Split Stabilizer (optional)

The stainless steel stabilizer is inserted through both touring brackets to stiffen your splitboard in the center and keep it from shifting or vibrating. It stiffens your board-flex and reduces the torsion. Your board keeps more stable at high speeds and the Stabilizer enables you to transfer from edge to edge without any loss of control or energy.