Völkl adjust each sidecut to fit board length and designated terrain by blending several different radials (hence the indicated number for the radial sidecut is a reference value). This construction offers the benefit of even distribution of pressure along the entire edge length. This also allows for the turning radius to be actively determined through minimal weight shifting, instead of a predetermined radius as conventional sidecuts have. On top of that, it also makes the nose easier to control and prevents it from digging into the snow. This is why all Völkl snowboards are flexible and easy to ride, while offering great precision and control.

True Twin Freestyle Sidecut

This symmetric sidecut with identical shapes in nose and tail allows for easy switch riding and features a narrower radius plus shorter effective edge. Even though they are quick to turn, boards with True Twin shape are relatively easy to ride, forgiving and very lively. Whether it’s backcountry, park or pipe – these boards provide ultimate freestyle performance!

True Twin Freestyle Sidecut with Blunt Nose

The characteristic of this symmetric Twin-Tip sidecut is the geometry of the Blunt Nose. Not only are nose and tail shortened for this shape, but the overall sidecut is adapted to move the widest part further to the front and back of the board. This results in a longer effective edge and more pressure as soon as you ride the board on an edge. A very interesting option for freestylers who enjoy riding a shorter board, as the board is very playful and forgiving on flat terrain, while offering more control when ridden on an edge, preventing washing out if a trick isn’t stomped.

Directional Freestyle Sidecut

This sidecut is perfect for all-mountain riders who feel as at home in the park as in the backcountry! The more moderate, directional sidecut has been tuned to work perfectly being set back by 20 mm. Therefore these boards ride more precisely and allow fast edge-to-edge turning. In powder the longer nose provides extra floatation. But also without setback they are a lot of fun to ride with playful riding characteristics, even though nose and tail are not identical.

Directional Freestyle Sidecut with Taper

This directional sidecut, with a setback of 20mm, is the right choice for all-mountain freestylers looking for playful riding characteristics with maximum control. The zone where the nose kicks is slightly wider than the tail, similar to a pin-tail shape, and features short straightened spots. This narrowing transition between the nose and tail kick is also called “taper”. The straightened spots not only shorten the board’s effective edge but also direct the power being exerted on the edge in the nose to the back. This results in the nose floating in powder and cutting through crust and wind-blown snow like a hot knife through butter. These properties are even more intense on the square Pointed Nose on the AFC.

Playful Freeride Sidecut with Tapered Nose

This sidecut was developed to create the longest possible freeride board with very playful riding characteristics. The Tapered Nose Geometry shifts the widest points of the board towards the middle, increasing edge pressure between the bindings. The straight parts of the tapered nose shape divert energy and pressure away to prevent edge catching even in crusty and changeable conditions. This makes speed checks and drifts possible even in the steepest terrain and narrowest couloirs, while freestyle tricks like butters and switch riding in powder become easier than ever. In addition to that, this shape comes with a setback of 25 mm for the 155 model, 30 mm for 162 and 35 mm for the 167cm board length. The shorter effective edge in these boards rides as lively and playfully as models 30 cm shorter!

Directional Freeride Sidecut

Boards with this sidecut have more setback and thus a longer nose which in combination with the asymmetrical sidecut radius provides more edge pressure and control at high speeds. The nose is not only wider and softer, but is also more elevated compared to the tail, resulting in greater floatation in the powder, as well as fast edge-to-edge turns on groomers.

Directional Race Sidecut

For the Coal Race Edition the Völkl Race Lab developed a special sidecut concept with shorter nose and concave tail. This pintail shape might look strange to a greenhorn, but when it is all about racing the smooth tip and tail rocker and the big sidecut radius make sense. This is because they make for a board with seemingly shorter edge and playful riding characteristics on rollers and jumps, while at the same time guaranteeing great edge hold and perfect control at maximum speed.

Pin-Tail Shape

This Directional Freeride Sidecut incorporates even more setback with the nose being considerably wider than the tail on top of being softer and more concave. This results in a unique surfy feeling in the snow, with the nose floating perfectly on top while the tail sinks in. And the shape still allows for quick edge-to-edge turning and increased edge pressure along the tail on the groomers.