Steel edges with rubber inlays

All Völkl steel edges consist of 60% recycled steel and feature a stronger edge profile as well as shock-absorbent rubber inlays. This dampens vibrations and knocks and improves edge grip.

Diamond finish

Diamond Finish is standard for all Völkl boards. Edges are ground so that they extend 1° down from the base and 1° out from the sides and heated for maximum durability. This provides easy maneuverability and great edge hold in icy conditions.

Aluminum protector

A light tip protector made of aluminum shields the nose or tail from rocks and other hazards.

Plastic protector

Since rental equipment has a lot to endure, the nose and tail are protected with a removable protector made of plastic that shields the boards against damage in all situations. This is a great help in extending the life expectancy of a board.