Core Materials

Tip-to-Tail Classic Woodcore

All Völkl boards are constructed using tip-to-tail and side-to-side aspen woodcores. Even the kids’ boards are equipped with these Tip-to-Tail woodcores, sporting an extra soft flex at a minimum weight.

Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore

Our Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore features four strips of falcatta wood integrated into the durable aspen core. This makes boards lighter, while still providing the best dampening and flex properties for outstanding performance.

Tip-to-Tail Ultra-Light Woodcore

For our especially light core, we use ultra-light poplar wood, to reduce weight by 20% without sacrificing stability. A combination of carbon in the lower layer and triaxial weaves, as well as aramid inlays, make for an exceptionally smooth board flex with unprecedented stability in a new lightweight dimension.

Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore with Cellcore Inlays

This unique Cellcore uses a high-tech rigid foam synthetic material adapted from aerospace technology between the bindings. Combined with a higher percentage of solid wood around the insert area this core boasts extremely short response times at a minimal weight, creating an extraordinary riding behavior with maximum stability.