Progressive 2-strap bindings

The Straptec Choice Alu is the classic 2-strap version of the Fastec Choice Alu. As an alternative to the Fastec System, premium aluminum buckles provide great hold, with fast, simple handling from full speed runs on the slope to the kicker line in the park. The aluminum baseplate and the ultra-light Freestyle Straps not only reduce the weight of the bindings but also provide direct power transmission. The asymmetrical highback, with medium flex, supports the board feeling in all terrains. Thanks to the cable redirection in the highback forward lean adjustment is tool-free - a convenient feature when switching zones. An EVA footbed with specific Anti-Shock Pads also absorbs icy landings. This is the binding of choice for advanced riders looking for precise 2-strap bindings of the highest grade!

  • light & robust - sLAB aluminum baseplate
  • versatile & agile - asymmetrical highback (medium flex)
  • comfortable & shock-absorbing - fully cushioned footbed & Anti-Shock Pads
  • fast und simple - Straptec System with aluminum buckles
  • Tool-free highback forward lean adjustment
  • Size-adjustable highback
  • Asymmetrical highback (medium flex)
  • sLAB – super-light aluminum baseplate
  • Aluminum Buckles
  • Ultra-light 3D Freestyle Toe Straps & 3D Freestyle Ankle Straps
  • Oversized EVA highback-pad
  • EVA footbed with anti-shock pads