Super-light Splitboard bindings

The Fastec Splitec Alu, which works with all Voilé Interfaces, weighs 300g less than the Choice Alu, making it an ultra-light and easy to use splitboard binding. The Splitec Alu is also equipped with the tried and tested Fastec System with its tool-free forward lean adjustment and handy Micro Pump Buckles. Also the integrated Slider Tracks on the aluminum baseplate make splitting and reassembling the board quick and easy. Crampons can also be mounted easily without unstrapping or taking gloves off. Just lift the heel, stick the crampons on the Silder Track and click in. The comfortable Highback-Pad and the EVA footbed with Anti-Shock-Pads deliver ultimate comfort. The Fastec Splitec Alu is everything a splitboard binding should be - simple to use and light.

  • extremely light & robust - sLAB aluminum baseplate & ultra-light Touring Straps
  • easy - integrated Slider Tracks for the Voilé Interface
  • comfortable - insert crampons without demounting
  • perfect fit - Freeride Highback with tool-free forward lean adjustment and Micro Pump Buckles
  • Drop-back highback with quick release lever
  • Tool-free highback forward lean adjustment
  • Size-adjustable highback
  • Asymmetrical Freeride highback (medium flex)
  • sLAB – super-light aluminum baseplate
  • Auto-Release Buckles
  • Micro Pump Buckles
  • Cable redirection
  • Ultra-light 3D Touring Toe Straps & 3D Touring Ankle Straps
  • Oversized EVA highback-pad
  • EVA footbed with anti-shock pads
  • Integrated Slider Tracks
  • Tool-free Crampon System