It is easier to travel with your snowboard than keeping it in your car or hanging it on a rack. You can let the airline take care of your snowboard you just have to keep it in a bag and the airline will help you in taking care of the thing

However, Have You Ever Thought About What Happens When You Ship The Snowboard?

You might feel a bit insecure about leaving your best snowboard in someone else’s hand.  Well, there are some easy ways to ship your snowboard. In this article, you will come to know about some of the easy shipping tips.

Why Do You Want To Ship The Snowboard?

There are many ways of sipping your snowboard across the country. Also, there are a couple of good reasons why you would like to ship your snowboard.

The first reason is that you are sending it as a gift. Or it may be that you have got the snowboard for a reasonable price in a faraway country and want to send it back home to your family for keepsake.

When you gift your snowboard, it gives you the advantage of sending the snowboard to the location without actually going to deliver the gift. The other reason why you might be thinking of shipping the gift would be because you have sold the snowboard to a seller online that is situated at a different location.

This is a very common method by which the snowboarders can sell a snowboard that is used but in a good condition. They can even earn some good money on it. Everyone knows that shipping is much cheaper by airline rather than travelling with your snowboard on an aeroplane. It may take a longer time to be delivered but it will save you a lot of money if you are planning for an amazing snowboarding vacation.

Listed below are some of the best ways to ship snowboards nowadays.

Using the Best Shipping Services

The easiest way to get the snowboard shipped would be by the standard shipping firms. Most likely in the United States, the stand shipping companies are known as USPS or UPS.

In countries apart from the US if you are planning to ship the board to an international location then you can use FedEx.

These services are one of the most trusted and have a huge framework and even have the infrastructure to deliver the snowboard or any object from any part of the world to you.

When you use the standard delivery services when it comes to shipping the snowboard there are many options that you have got and thus it decides when you get the board delivered.

If you opt for fast shipping services the delivery of the board would be sooner and or at the right time at the correct location.

However, if you are in no hurry then you can get the snowboard delivered through it. You might even save some money while doing so. This is good when you are selling the board and have shipped it. As it would not cost you much.

These shipment services do provide insurance for your goods which are very necessary when you are not there to take care of the snowboard. This will ensure that you are compensated if your board gets stolen or lost in transit.

There is an extra charge for the insurance but it gives you peace of mind that the snowboard will be delivered safely.

The cost of shipping might differ from company to company. All the company rate the shipping charges on the weight and size of the item you are sending.  The snowboard is not very heavy but it is usually long. In this case, the USPS has the cheapest services.

However, it is better to get your board packed and go to them and get a quotation of the charges from all the companies around before you make up your mind to use their services.

Use a Specialty Shipping Service

You can also try using the services of the speciality firms when it comes to getting the snowboard shipped. There are many companies that have dedicated the business to shipping snowboards from the client’s home to the hotel the client is staying for the snowboarding trip.

As mentioned earlier, this is a new and good way to send your snowboard if you are travelling by air.  This would charge only a reasonable amount otherwise sending the baggage through the air would be a huge amount because of the oversized bag.

One of the companies that provided this service is Ship Skis and can be mentioned as one of the coolest firms that provide you with the delivery of the snowboard and skis at the location you want. They will pick the snowboard from your house and taking care of whatever is required to get the snowboard delivered to the location you want. You have the option of printing the label on your own. Then you stick the label to the snowboard and let the company take care of the snowboard.

These companies provide you with the option to pack the parcel according to your own wish and send it to the destination. These services are more expensive than if you send them through the standard delivery method. However, they take better care of the snowboard than what the airlines do and it is for sure that airlines are much expensive than them.

Shipping any skyboard or snowboard is very easy. So, you can check any companies that you have read about in the above article and can send it to any location you want it to.

You just need to pack it properly and make sure that the snowboard is not damaged on the way to be delivered. If you are not sure of sending through regular mail then you can pay a bit extra money and get insurance for the parcel you have sent. It would cost you some additional dollars but you will have insurance.

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