Some tricks can be employed while snowboarding; among them is “a Method”. A Method is a conventional trick in snowboarding. Learning this trick may be a little bit complex, but we will give you some cool tips on how you can perform this cool trick while snowboarding – just like that!

But, first of all, before you add this trick to your jumping skills, let us tell you what a method is. Read on.

A Method

A method, as mentioned earlier, is a tricky jump to perform. It actually entails combining different techniques. It has to do with combining a Melon grab behind you technique with the backside technique. More explanation on this trick is given below;

Procedure 1: Performing the Melon Grab Behind You

You can begin with a hand on the edge of the heel between your legs – that is the Melon grab. You can then twist the Melon grab behind you while bending your knees to the front – that is the Tourist Method. That looks so easy to do; however, you shouldn’t dwell on it as it doesn’t look too good and also not the right way to do the Method jump.

Procedure 2: Performing the Backside Shifty

Without this technique, Method isn’t complete. It is very important that you combine the Melon grab behind you technique with this technique. Although difficult, it can be mastered with adequate practice.

You must first rehearse the Backside Shift technique. After you must have perfected it, it can now be combined with the Melon Grab technique. Rehearsing the back shifty is quite easier when rehearsed separately

However, you may make some mistakes while doing the Method jump for the first time, but with time and consistent practice, it becomes easier to perform. You just need to try doing it the other way round to get the Method jump.

Project your leg backward and try to extend it while you use your arms which are backward to push it forward. This will help you to bend more. You can then push your knees forward also.

Some Other Clues

Few tips that will help you achieve the Method jump are given as follows;

When you are about to take off the edges for straight jumps, always use the little toe push. It will help you push out your leg backward and also give you some grip as you take off the edges. Furthermore, at the summit of your jump, you must also ensure that your hindfoot is a little bit higher than your forefoot. Better still, you must ensure that your snowboard is parallel to the earth

Also, the hindfoot is the best foot for takeoffs, especially for Method jumps. It helps you to switch to the backside shifty easily. So you can jump using your little toe tip and your knee bent forward helps you to extend your leg to the back

Where Do You Grab?

While performing the Method jump, you can grab either the outward part of your joint or the inward part of your joint, just like a Melon. Generally, grabbing the inward part of your joint is accepted rather than grabbing the outward part of your joint. However, Method rules are usually twisted to suit one’s preference and style after all.

Perfecting the Acrobatic Exercise

The best place to improve on your Method jump is the Trampoline. At the trampoline, you will be able to rehearse all the procedures as listed above in a short while. You only need to rehearse over and over again till you perfect your jumping skill.

However, if you need more tutorials on how you can Method on a Tramp board, you can surf the internet.

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