Snowboarding is such a fun exercise and even though everywhere is snowy, the environment condition might still vary. In as much as you have the requisite skill and professional gears to follow, you need to see clearly to avoid accidents. Using shades can help you achieve clearer vision as you have fun skating.

Why Extra Lenses?

There are different shades and tints of goggle lenses, and they all have their use, depending on the weather condition. Thus, it is recommended that you take an extra lens so that in case the condition changes, to be on the safe side.

In this article, you will learn everything you should know regarding goggle selection, maintenance, and set up to make your snowboarding adventure more fun.

If you are getting a pair of goggles, it comes fitted with a fairly dark lens that helps to filter out the light due to the reflective  coating on it. This goggle comes in handy under a variety of weather conditions such as cloudy and sunny.

After getting your Goggle, the first spare lens that you need to acquire is a low light lens which is tints of yellow, rose, or green. You can see clearly through them and protect your eyes from glare. Even though it is snowing hard, with this lens, you can easily see the tree runs.

The perfect lens for a cloudy day when it isn’t snowing is a yellow/blue chrome lens. This is because it allows a good amount of light to get into the eyes, and with the soft mirror coating behind the lens, light is prevented from entering the eyes.

Snow blindness is a legitimate concern under perfect bluebird conditions, and therefore, it is also necessary as a snowboarder that you get a polarized lens or heavily mirrored one. Most of the sunlight being reflected by the snow can be cut out by a lens with a grey tint. A polarized lens reduces glare by only allowing light into the lens in one direction.

The only disadvantage with mirrored lenses is the ease at which they get scratched, but with proper care, they can serve you for a long time. A lens with super dark tint offers extra protection from sunlight, but it should only be used on bright days.

Fixing the Lens

The process of changing the lens is straightforward. To remove it, just pull out from one of its corners until the lens is out of the clips holding it in place. There are even easier goggles to remove, like the Anon magnetic lens.

After you must have identified the appropriate lens for the weather condition and removed the one in the frame, fix the new lens into position just like as you removed it.


Regardless of the shade/tint of your lens, it is essential that you clean them regularly using a microfiber bag. Also, while not in use, keep the extra lenses safe in a pouch where nothing can scratch them.

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