The snowboarding scene has been ultra-cool? The early snowboarders who played the sport in the ’70s were known for the sense of fashion. Oh yes, they had set a snowboarding fashion trend for the coming future generation. So, it would not be hard to find a wonderful gift for snowboarders. In this article, you will come to know about the best snowboarding gifts which will be useful, functional & innovative stuff that any snowboarder would love.

Winter sports such as snowboarding can be difficult for a newcomer but there are so many fellow snowboarders who help you learn the sport and become friends whom you trust and live all your life with. The best part of the sport is that you get to enjoy the ski season along with the holidays, as they coincide with each other. So, it is always appropriate to get a gift for people who have shown you such kindness. If you are looking to get a gift for someone who likes to snowboard then this article would you an idea of what gifts you can choose for your fellow snowboarder and friend which are in your budget and awesome picks that they would love. These gifts would bring a smile to any snowboarder’s face and they would appreciate the gift given by you for the entire life. Listed below are some of the most loved gift items for snowboarders:

Keen Elena Boot

What would be better than wearing a pair of boots, which are so comfortable that they would make your feet feel relaxed? Keen is one of the top hiking footwear companies, Keen Footwear also has researched many things on the functional style of boots that your feet would require to recover from stress and pain. These beautiful Elena Boots are the best boots of the winter range from Keens. It is a perfect gift for your snowboarding partner. The boot keeps the foot warm at -4°F / -20°C (and has insulation of charcoal & bamboo). The upper leather is water-resistance and the sole is like a sneaker. They are available in 5 various colors so you just need to choose the color your friend would like.

Smartwool Women’s Ph.D. Snow Medium Socks

It might be a boring idea to gift a pair of good socks However, it is one of the most useful gifts for snowboarders. You can get a very colorful pair of socks such as the Smartwool Women’s Ph.D. Snow Medium Socks which is one of the most comfortable socks that you can gift a fellow snowboarder. The socks are up to the length of your knee and they have a slim ankle. The design of the calf of the socks is specially tailored for women. If you wear it with snowboard boots, it would be really warm. However, the most important point is that the socks s made of 56% of merino wool. That means that the snowboarders can keep wearing them without being washed as they are odor-resistant. Merino wool can regulate the temperature and even control moisture. Gifting these socks can be a lot useful and thoughtful for a snowboarder.

Dakine Star Studs Stomp Pad

It takes a lot of time to bring perfection to your game of snowboarding. Dakine Star Studs Stomp Pad weighs upon the preferred camber and length features, even the design is stunning. It is even better than the way you ride. So, don’t just up to the average stomp pad that does not even seem to be half what the Dakine pad can be. Hence, dent just opts for regular stomp pads. However, in time as you understand the game and learn the tricks, you would not need the stamp pad. However, till then you can surely get the basic design of the very stylish aluminum plated Stud stomp pad. These pads would give you minimal impact but still provide the touch which you need to feel while snowboarding. 

Fuel Optics Goggles with Magnetic Lens

Have you ever tried reflective goggles when you started for a powder morning only when you see the clouds descending during your first run just at the top? Well, yes, it is a disaster. However, if you have the incorrect lenses then you surely would get the day ruined in the mountains. It may lead to even accidents because the conditions in the mountains are unpredictable conditions. The fuel optic goggles are easy to change magnetic lens which can be changed according to the weather of the mountain. The goggles have the best Cloud9 anti-fog feature which has venting ports that can control the airflow. The best part is that it is really wide goggles without frame that look really awesome. It is one of the useful gifting options for snowboarders.

Open Wear Powder Jacket

It is a very high-performing and breathable powder jacket that is not affected by water. It comes at a reasonable price. The outer waterproof material is made of 100% plastic which is recycled plastic. The Open One can be considered as an eco-friendly jacket that comes at a very economical price. It is one of the most stunning and super awesome jackets which comes at a reasonable price. Open wear Jacket can steal the heart of any snowboarder.

The Shapeshifter Powder Jet Splitboard

It is a very gorgeous handcrafted piece of wood which is also known as a snowboard. Hence, The Shapeshifter PowderJet Splitboard is a wonderful gifting option. The Shapeshifter Splitboard a very popular snowboard that is not only about the looks, but also enhances the performance of the snowboarder by becoming a perfect powder board. It is an eco-friendly PowderJet that the manufacturers only produce about 150 of these poplar boards every year. So, you can relax and order this for your buddy so that the fellow friend can enjoy it. It is a perfect gifting option for snowboarders.

DMOS Collective Stealth Snow Shovel

Have you ever found yourself blaming for the time you had spent while you were building the game and yet you failed to perfect the trick for the 10th time repeatedly, then you need to upgrade your snowboarding tools? The main problem is the tool. So, you can use The Stealth Shovel which is an awesome tool. It has a thickness of 2.5mm, along with aluminum alloy which is of aircraft quality, the shovel acts as a hard yet light material that does not seem to appear on the snowboarder’s backpack. It also has a tubular shaft with telescoping 56.5” (144cm) and provides a lot of support in lifting and heavy digging. This can be a useful tool for your fellow snowboarder.


You will find varied options of BeaverWax for the snowboard. However, if you want something which is unique for your friend, then you must get the BeaverWax which has even won an award. The creators have put a lot of effort to make the best qualities of wax which any snowboarder would love to get their hands on. The wax is eco-friendly and is the best thing you can do for the environment you live in. It is unlike other wax brands and is suitable for all the snowboarding requirements. It can help you even when the temperature is freezing till the spring riding. BeaverWax allows its customers to choose the scent, temperature & color of the wax.

Bambool Thermics Base Layer

Many snowboarders think that the best material for the base layer is merino. Well, you should give it a thought once again. It is a good base. No doubt about that. However, it is very expensive. One major concern is skin irritation. Hence, Bambool Thermics found the solution by eliminating the problem. They mixed the bamboo viscose & wonder wool and created the eco-friendly ultra-base layer that gives the best results. It has the properties of transporting sweat to the outer layer. Thus, it has features of purest merino clothing but is most cozy and comfortable.  This sweat-free base layer is very unique in kind and has armpit space which is much enlarged, the collar is zippered, and even has holes near the thumb. It is the best winter clothing that can be wrapped as a gift.

Platypus SoftBottle

Exploring the ranges of mountains can be very tiring and you might get thirsty. Hence, if you are snowboarding then it is better to carry a small backpack to keep yourself hydrated. This routine is very inconvenient as it gets very tiring after some time. You might be tempted to let go of drinking water like you did when it was -20ºC. However, you should not do this, it is better to be warm and keep yourself hydrated. So that you can keep going and maintain a good body temperature. It is better to carry a 1-liter SoftBottle of water in the pocket of your jacket. It would keep you hydrated and is very light to carry. So, you don’t have to be bothered about carrying a heavy bottle to the mountain top. This is made of plastic which is BPA-free and weighs 22g.

Grassracks Bamboo Snowboard Rack

Each spring there comes a time when there is a pause on the snowboarding games. Well, it is a sad thing for any snowboarder to part from their favorite snowboard. You can keep your favorite tool on a beautiful rack. Grassracks have created a mounting technique that can even be widened when required and can even change the rack according to your preference. It is made of bamboo which is very strong and durable. It helps you in sustaining the eco-friendly attitude which you or your friend would love.

Roxy Power Powder Snow Helmet

There was a time when wearing a helmet was considered to be taboo and was not taken in a positive way. If you wanted to be a good snowboarder what you needed to do was play without protective gear. It was supposed to be considered cool. However, due to certain incidents which lead to serious accidents on the slopes have changed the perception of snowboarders recently. So, if you are looking for a helmet that would be considered as top-notch sense, then the Roxy Power Powder Snow helmet is the one you should select. The helmet is made of super-light material and has an expanded polystyrene shock absorber. The lining is made of fleece which provides warmth to the person wearing it. The ear pad is removable. It would make you feel like spring because of the warmth it provides.

Outdoor Technology Chips Helmet Audio

Snowboarding on the slopes with your favorite music playing in your ears. How does it sound? Well, this is not a dream anymore. Outdoor Technology Chips Helmet Audio is an audio system that can fit into any helmet which is compatible with the audio system. You can connect the device wirelessly and are allowed to change the music with an oversized button that is placed near each earpiece. The best part is that you don’t have to take off your gloves while doing so. You can stay connected with the walkie-talkie function with the helmet. It would be an interesting experience for any snowboarder and can be considered an amazing gifting option.

Glower Sweater

 The Glower Sweater is a ‘Make Your Own Way’ sweater by the manufacturer known as Glower. This sweater is manufactured from organic cotton which is recycled along with the polyester of the same sort. The designs can be found for both men and women. They have numerous options of hoodies & t-shirts which are available which are very comfortable and can be worn during your snowboarding adventures.

Lenz Products Heat Sock

If you have poor blood circulation or cold feet then snowboarding can be really harsh as the temperature is in the sub-zeros. It can cause a lot of uneasiness and can make you really miserable. It actually is the most painful near the toes. It is even worse when you have harsh bindings and boots attached to your feet. However, there is good news. Lenz has created a Heat Sock that is a rechargeable battery product. The product which heats the sock goes to the toes. You can control the temperature through the smartphone. It can be a bit expensive but if you add the money you have spent on the ski pass which you had needed because your toes have gotten numb. Then you can actually buy two pairs for the price. So, it surely is an amazing gift for snowboarders.

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