Olya Smeshlivaya

Olya Smeshlivaya

First name: Olya
Last name: Smeshlivaya
Home: Moscow, Russia
Homeresort: All around the world where is snow
Snowboarding since: 2005
Year of birth: 1990
Favourite board: Disturbia 143
Stance: goofy +21° , -9°
Best results:
> > 1st place - Russian Championship 2011 Half- Pipe
> > 1st place - Russian Championship 2012 Big-Air
> > 1st place - Russian Cup 2012 Big- Air and Half-Pipe 2012
> > 2st place - Russian Championship 2012 Slopestyle 2012
> > 1st place - Europe Cup 2013

- nickname: Smeshlivaya

- strengths: Always smile

- weakness: can’t stay at one place for a long time

- fashion accessory: Watch

- color: blue

- food: fruits

- drink: water

- piercings or tatoos: i have two small tattoos on my arms

- music: Snoop Dog

- best holiday location: Bali

- best way to relax: hot tub

- websites: facebook.com


If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I would buy realty around the world and will build snowboard parks in Russia


Your house is burning...

I would try to save my dog of course


Best Memories...

There is so many situations happening every year, but I will be always remembering my first try snowboarding. I just fall in love at the first day riding and still keep doing it.


What means snowboarding to you?

It’s all about feelings and atmosphere around this industry. The nature - mountain, snow, sun gives you so much energy and inspiration.  Always lots of fun hanging with all the people who in to it and ride with the friends. The feelings when you snowboarding an incredible and always exciting, just makes me happy.


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

I start riding more , travel around the word and got lot’s of help and support from my sponsors.


What kind of rider are you?

These days I prefer more park with pipe and jib riding so i need more soft and twin board.


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

I like my board how it is feels on the slop, good on the jumps and holding edge.


The place to be?

There are many good parks in USA, they are in good shape everyday and so many different figures.


Your signature trick?

Cap540 , handplant fun tricks


What kind of style is up to date? What trick is done?

Tail block


Which trick do you want to learn next?

bs rodeo 540


How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?

Trained on trampoline, during the season do gym, watching snowboard video, riding with friends, working with my coach and good music helps me a lot.


You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far?

Had a few bad crashes in a past, next time i will better think before will do.


Highlights of last season?

Trip to USA , Colorado with my friends for trainings early season


Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew?

My friends from the crew


The best Snowboard trip ever was...

USA, Colorado 2011 it was a progressive trip!


What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

Water, goggles, sunglasses, some snacks, sun cream, lip bum


What is your favourite contest & why?

X-Games, wish to take part in it one day


What do you do when you are not riding?

Hanging with the friends, taking a pictures and filming them riding. Summer time prefer catching some waves on the surf.


In five years I want...

Do what i like and be happy.



Thanks for all questions ;)