Max Grünwald

Max Grünwald

First name: Max
Last name: Grünwald
Home: Murnau, Germany
Homeresort: Zugspitze, Germany
Snowboarding since: 2009
Year of birth: 2001
Favourite board: Jibby 128, Bindung Prime Alu M
Stance: Regular, +16 / -10
Best results:
> Välley Rälley 2014 overall 2nd , U15
> Shred Down Austrian Masters SSL 2014, 9th , U18
> Junior Jam Westendorf 2014, 1st , U13
> World Rookie Fest Livigno 2013, 9th , U15
> German Championship 2012, 1st , U12

- nickname: Max

- strenghths: To be myself

- weakness: Stand up early

- favorite trick: Method

- favorite obstacle: Downrall

- color: Blue

- food: Weißwurst

- drink: Skiwasser


- favorite book: Die Tribute on Panem Flammender Zorn

- music: Viva La Vida, Coldplay

- best holiday location: Livigno

- best way to relax: Music

- magazines: Snowboarder MBM

- websites: Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo

- must see:



If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I would buy a Skidoo and a House in Alaska!!!!


An Affair to Remember...

My good time in Livigno/WRT!


What means snowboarding to you?

To shred in the powder and have fun with my brother and my friends!


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

Yes, I´m better in school !!!!!


What kind of rider are you? 

I love to shred in the backcountry with my camber board!


Your signature trick & favorite obstacle? 

I love to do a Fs Boardslide on a Downrail


Which trick do you want to learn next?

Cab 720°


The place to be?



What kind of style is up to date? What trick is done?.

I love Methods but I hate Indy!


How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?

I learn new tricks with my brother! He motivates me and I motivate him!


You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far? 

I crashed hard on my spine!


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

I most like my setup! My board the Jibby 128 and my Prime Alu Bindings.


Highlights of last season?

I had so much fun in Livigno at the WRT!


Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew? 

Mark McMorris, Torstein Horgmo, David Hablützel and Wolfgang Nyvelt!!!


The best Snowboard trip ever was...

WRT Livigno!


What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

My iPod, my Contour and my MacBook!


What is your favourite contest & why?

Välley Rälley!


What do you do when you are not riding? 

Cut movies or make my homework!


In five years I want...

To be in Aspen at the Winter XGames



Thanks to all my Sponsors, my Friends and to my mum!