Leonardo Traniello

Leonardo Traniello

First name: Leonardo
Last name: Traniello
Home: Milan, Italy
Homeresort: Bardonecchia, Italy
Snowboarding since: 2008
Year of birth: 2003
Favourite board: Squad Jr. 142 and Fastec Vision Jr.
Stance: regular, wide stance +15/ -15
Best results:
> Burton Park Jam Tour 2012 and 2013: qualifications
> Liberi Tutti Bardonecchia Race 2012, 2nd
> Liberi Tutti Bardonecchia Race 2013, 2nd

- nickname: Someone calls me Leo, but I prefer my real name

- strengths: the style

- weakness:  I don’t like ice, I prefer fresh snow!

- favorite trick: Frontside 540; nosegrab; tailgrab

- favorite obstacle: box in general

- fashion accessory: long hoody

- color: green fluo

- food: steak

- drink: Chinotto

- piercings or tatoos: tattoos (but none on me)

- book: Percy Jackson

- music: Skunk Anansie – All I want  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsAxYzMQX5Y 

 Metallica – Seek and destroy

- best holiday location: Greece

- best way to relax: reading comics

- magazines: Dragonero (comics)

- websites: none

- must see: http://youtu.be/8g1pUUhRDDI


If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I would spend them in comics, Ipod, Ipad and I would travel around the world


An Affair to Remember...

Staying on a boat at Maldive looking at giant manta ray swimming in the coral reef


What means snowboarding to you?

Snowboarding for me is fantastic fun... but it also gave me one of my best friends and a teacher who is for me like an older brother


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?




Give me good snow and a slop... now!