Keiji Okamoto

Keiji Okamoto

First name: Keiji
Last name: Okamoto
Home: Kobe, Japan
Homeresort: Hakuba, Japan
Snowboarding since: 2002
Year of birth: 1982
Favourite board: Squad Prime 152
Stance: Regular, +6 / -6
Best results:
> 5th & most impressive rider Nissan X-Trail Jam - 2007
> 7th Burton Asian Open - 2007
> 8th Burton NZ Open - 2006

- nickname: KJ , Keiji
- strengths: Always happy
- weakness: Waking up in the morning...
- fashion accessory: Not special
- color: Grey & blown
- food:  Sushi
- drink: Red bull & milk tea
- piercings or tatoos: Nothing
- book: Japanese cartoon
- music: Techno and house music
- best holiday location: My home
- best way to relax: Sleep
- magazines: Transworld snowboarding
- websites: Beat port

If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I make 100 children and build up my empire.

Your house is burning...
Dance... just dunce to save.

An Affair to Remember...
When I was young, I fell to the bottomless swamp. And then many people try to take me but they couldn’t.... But my cousin who was a JUDO player pulled me up and saved my life finally.

What means snowboarding to you?
My life. I had gotten many things through snowboarding. Family, friends, Knowledge, health... So snowboarding is everything for me.

Has your life changed being a snowboard pro?
I can go everywhere all over world for snowboardig...this is great.
What kind of rider are you?
Just a snowboarder. I used to be a park rider before but that changed. I want to try park tricks in backcountry and street rails. Park, pipe, jib, backcountry, freeride... I like all things. And camber is the best in all situation.
What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?
SQUAD PRIME... it is an ultimate weapon. I always ride on it.

The place to be?
Hakuba in japan... it has a big alps and good snow.

Your signature trick?
Back side 720 at the big kicker... it feels so good.

Which trick do you want to learn next?
Sw Bs Wcork 1080 and stylish Bs lip slide.

How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?
Hitting my face.

You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far?
I lost my way back home in -20℃ in HOKKAIDO... after 3 hours hiking, I arrived at the base.

Highlights of last season?
Everyday was a highlight last season. It was such a good season.

Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew?
HYWOD’s the best. But I want to go snowboarding with Nicolas Müller and Jake Blauvelt one time.

The best Snowboard trip ever was...
a trip to Austria with the Völkl crew 2 yeas ago. It was a big experience and everything was fresh for me. I will never forget this trip...

What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?
Ipod, skins, redbull, G11(a camera of Canon), sunglasses and pain killer.

What is your favourite contest & why?
Air&Style... there are sooo many audiences. I never compete but I want to join it some day.

What do you do when you are not riding?
DJ... i'm addicted to it.

In five years I want...
to make HYWOD more famous. And I want to make Völkl more popular in Japan.

I really appreciate snowboarding and friends and family and Volkl Snowboards. They makes me happy. Thank you for seeing my page and enjoy your  snowboarding!