Jan Kralj

Jan Kralj

First name: Jan
Last name: Kralj
Home: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Homeresort: Rogla, Slovenia
Snowboarding since: 2005
Year of birth: 1995
Favourite board: Squad Prime 152 and Fastec Prime Alu
Stance: Regular +15/ -12
Best results:
> Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012, 4th
> Junior World Championship 2013, 5th
> World Rookie Finals 2013, 3rd

- nickname: ‘JK’

- strengths: I’ve got my way with words

- weakness: Women

- favorite trick: Inverted Fs 540 Indy

- favorite obstacle: All the rails as long as they are smooth to ride

- fashion accessory: Watch

- color: Grey/Black/Blue

- food: Kebab

- drink: Water

- piercings or tatoos: inner biceps

- book: Goose Bumps

- music:  Edward Sharpe & The magnetic zeros - Home                                 )

- best holiday location: Krk, Croatia

- best way to relax: Chill with my friends by the sea

- magazines: Red Bulletin

- websites: 9gag.com

- must see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfq_A8nXMsQ  




If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

Move to the US, buy a cottage somewhere in Frisco and just snowboard all the time...


An Affair to Remember...

I got arrested for knocking down a trash can when I was 13.


What means snowboarding to you?

I love the fact that when I drop in, I forget about everything else and just enjoy the moment.


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?


I like all the traveling and meeting new people, but sometimes being away from home most of the time is just really tough, because I miss my family and friends.

All in all there are a lot of perks and a lot of down sides.




There is no losing in life, there are only experiences.