Chris Kröll

Chris Kröll

First name: Chris
Last name: Kröll
Home: Zillertal, AUSTRIA
Homeresort: Sunny beaches
Snowboarding since:
Year of birth: 1980
Favourite board: Squad Prime 152
Stance: Regular, +21/-6
Best results:
> TTR #17 2005/2006
> 7th place, Air&Style 2005
> 5th place, Air&Style 2004
> Best Trick Air&Style 2003

You probably have a nickname - please tell us the story behind it.

My nickname is “CK”, and I think the name came up because of my initials. I still don’t know if it has anything to do with the brand there is.


Do you remember your first day on a snowboard?

Yes, it was in a small local ski resort in Mayrhofen and I was with my brother. Unluckily, I broke my nose on the first day, too, but I still liked it.


How did you learn new tricks back in the days?

You have to be mentally and physically ready for a new trick. Then there is the visualizing and then comes the practice. You have to try it over and over again to get it right. That's what it is.


Why have you never stopped snowboarding since then?

Because it gave me something I could focus on and try to be good at. I love every aspect of snowboarding. You can express yourself everyday in a new way, and it’s challenging, too. It gives you tons of opportunities and never makes you feel bored. You get to travel a lot and see different views of the world - and the best about it is that you are always surrounded by nature.


You probably have visited a bunch of different ski resorts already. What’s your favourite place, what was the most exotic and where would you like to live and ride in the future?

To be not that precise, my favourite place is the Alps - so many opportunities! For sure, the most exotic was South Korea, everything was crazy there. And if I had to choose a place to live and ride it would be definitely somewhere in the Alps, too, or at a nice beach by the ocean.


You also must have seen tons of snowboard videos in the past. What’s your favourite video part and why do you remember it?

My most favourite video part is Gigi Rüf’s part in "Destroyer" by KingPin Productions. He had his first real part in a movie and it got him the TWS Rookie of the Year Award. He had Nena’s "Leuchtturm" as a song and I still love it. I was just making my way up in the snowboard industry at that time and I looked up to him a lot.


Let us know about your favourite trick! Do you have any specials in your trick bag?

My favorite trick is an FS 1080. It feels good if you can hold the grab long enough. I also have some specials, I think. I’d love to try a double cork soon.


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

The fact that I can totally rely on them. They are built really strong and I have not broken any in three years. The guys at Völkl always put their latest inventions and ideas into our boards and they have a lot of experience. So what else would you expect from them other than some of the best boards on the planet?


What about entertainment? Let us know about your gigabytes of MP3s and videos!

I have a lot of documentaries on my laptop, and for sure quite some gigs of sound. Recently, I was getting into reggae a lot, but most of the time it’s punk rock that comes through the speakers in the end.


How do you make your stomach happy? You must have some favourite drinks and food?

I love typical Tyrolean food but I also like Asian dishes and sushi a lot. When it comes down to a drink there is nothing better than pure water. If someone comes along with a Mojito though, I wouldn’t say no.           


What was your best experience in life so far?

To be able to enjoy and experience all those wonderful years being made possible by my sport. Along that way I met some of the most important persons I know today. Thanks for the love, the help and the trust you had and still have in me. What would I have done without you? Love!


And finally, what is your biggest dream?

Only one person knows that...




Love, CK.