Benny	 Mösl

Benny Mösl

First name: Benny
Last name: Mösl
Home: Telfs, Tyrol, Austria
Homeresort: On the mountain
Snowboarding since: 2003
Year of birth: 1988
Favourite board: Jibster SQD 156
Stance: +15/-15
Best results:
> 4th place, Sweden European Final Bataleon Us&Them,
> 1st place, Sick Trick Tour 2008
> 1st place, Back on Snow Tour Innsbruck

You probably have a nickname - please tell us the story behind it.

Benny comes from Benjamin. Very funny.

Do you remember your first day on a snowboard?

I was 15 years old. I was skiing with some friends in Seefeld, Tyrol when another friend came over with his snowboard and didn’t feel like riding anymore. I took his snowboard to check out what snowboarding was like. Trying the T-bar lift I miserably failed, but after a few days I was totally hooked.

How did you learn new tricks back in the days?

At first I tried tricks on the slopes. After a few days I was so motivated I hit the jumps in the park and ate shit all day long. When I slammed I got up, took a deep breath and tried again until it worked. So never give up on your tricks!

Why have you never stopped snowboarding since then?

Snowboarding is my life!          

You probably have visited a bunch of different ski resorts already. What’s your favourite place, what was the most exotic and where would you like to live and ride in the future?

My favourite place to ride is Kühtai because of the good park, the resort itself is epic and it’s where I can ride with my friends.

You also must have seen tons of snowboard videos in the past. What’s your favourite video part and why do you remember it?


Let us know about your favourite trick! Do you have any specials in your trick bag?

My favourite trick is an FS 5. I saw this trick in a movie. The next day I went up the mountain and did it. It’s been my favourite ever since.

What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

I like the boards because they are a great ride; they also look good and are forgiving on the landings.                                   

What about entertainment? Let us know about your gigabytes of MP3s and videos!

I don’t have that much music and videos.

How do you make your stomach happy? You must have some favourite drinks and food?

My favourite drink is coke. My favourite food is MC Donald’s because it’s fast (in and out).                                  

What was your best experience in life so far?

I was in Sweden and I rode with dudes from all across Europe. I learned that we were all people who were super motivated to ride. That was the best experience in my life, and I’ll never forget this trip.

And finally, what is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to travel the world and ride big contests like NZ Open, U.S. Open, European Open, Nippon Open, WänglTängl, etc. I want to be riding around the world.


Thanks to my family and friends, AirPatrol Snowboard Crew and Völkl Snowboards! See you in Whistler B.C.