Angelo Gastl

Angelo Gastl

First name: Angelo
Last name: Gastl
Home: Längenfeld, Austria
Homeresort: Sölden, Austria
Snowboarding since: 2004
Year of birth: 1993
Favourite board: Squad Rocker 155, Fastec Prime Alu
Stance: +15/-12
Best results:
> 1st Place, Glemmbang(Rookie) 3star TTR 2011
> 2nd Place, Austrian Masters(Rookie) 3star TTR 2011
> 5th Place, World Rookie East Feast 3star TTR 2011
> 2nd Place, Kirschbaumbattle 2011
> 10th Place, World Rookie Overallrank 2011
> 2nd Place, Groms Open 2012
> 2nd Place, Shred Champs 2013
> 2nd Place, Chill and Destroy Tour Overallrank 2013

- nickname: Antschu

- favorite trick: bs. Rodeo 

- favorite obstacle: big Kicker

- fashion accessory: Cap

- color: green

- food: Fat burgers

- drink: Energy Drink

- music: Awolnation/ Sail, Sierra Leone/ Mt Eden, Macklemore/ Cant hold us, Skrillex/ Make it bun dem    

- best holiday location: Austria in Winter, Spain in Summer

- best way to relax: hang out with friends

- magazines: Playboard, Pleasure, MBM

- websites: Youtube, Facebook



If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

At first I took all my buddies and start a big trip around the world.


An Affair to Remember...

All my buddies.  Ohh… there are lots of funny stories. Haha…


What means snowboarding to you?

snowboarding is the most important thing in my life. Snowboarding gives me the feeling of being free. I can do what I want and I can be as creative as I want. That’s great.


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

The many experiences, travelling around, seeing different places and meet new friends. That’s what I like.


What kind of rider are you? 

i love to ride a good shaped park. Slopestyle is my Discipline, so I like to ride Kickers and Rails. So I think rocker boards have the perfect shape for me.


Your signature trick & favorite obstacle? 

Bs Rodeo 540° Nosegrab, it feels so good when you grab it long enough. 


Which trick do you want to learn next?

I want to learn a bs. double cork 1080. I already land it on a bag and in powder but now its time to land it on a big Park Kicker.


The place to be?

Sölden is my favourite for sure. It’s my homeresort, so all my friends are there.


How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?

I always watch tricks in snowboard movies closely. I try to remember every movement, especially those before taking off, and afterwards carry out the trick in my own way. Of course, if possible I first try them in the powder.  


You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far? 

Last season I got my biggest overshoot on a kicker in my life​​. Oh my god … so many speed. 

I was unconscious for 15 minutes and I was only back in the hospital really clear in my head. That was really scary.



What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

The Boards are great. I ride the Squad Rocker and it’s simply perfect. The shape is so good that jumping kickers is as good as ride Rails. The perfect shape for Parks. The fashion and especially the designes are also awesome.


Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew? 

I love to ride with my friends. It’s always so funny.


The best Snowboard trip ever was...

The World rookie tourstop East feast in czech republic was so great. That was a big experience for me.


What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

Ipod, Energy Drink, Sunglasses


What is your favourite contest & why?

I like the World rookie Tour. You meet so funny guys from the whole world and the same Age.


What do you do when you are not riding? 

Chilling with my friends, skateboarding


In five years I want...

I just want to have fun on snowboarding.



Thank you to all my friends, my family, my Sponsors and especially to Völkl snowboards.




Almdudler Snowpark Soelden: Snowboard Park Checkout - 27-01-2013 from QParks on Vimeo.