Agnese Tanza

Agnese Tanza

First name: Agnese
Last name: Tanza
Home: Clusone, Italy
Homeresort: Orobie Bergamasche, Italy
Snowboarding since: 2007
Year of birth: 1989
Favourite board: Impress 148 with Fastec Prime Alu
Stance: Goofy, +15 / -15
Best results:
> 1st Vertical Tour (1star TTR)
> 1st Ggames
> 3rd Girls the Weekend
> 5th Volcom Peanut Butter Rail and Jam

- nickname: Agny/e
- strengths: Perseverance
- weakness: Big jumps
- fashion accessory: Berretta
- color: Red
- food: Pasta al tonno
- drink: Beer
- piercings or tatoos: 2 piercing
- book: Fabio volo- esco a fare due passi
- best holiday location: Tignes
- best way to relax: A good film on the sofa
- magazines: Wired

If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...
I would do a world snowboarding trip with my boyfriend, starting in New Zealand.

Your house is burning...
I would save my dog and my mac.

An Affair to Remember...
My first snowboardind day. Thanks to snowboarding I can get away from my everyday life and thanks to snowboarding I met my boyfriend.

What means snowboarding to you?
For me snowboarding means relax, clear my mind of thoughts and problems, fun and sometimes contests.

Has your life changed being a snowboard pro?
If I will ever be a pro i will tell you!

What kind of rider are you?
Up to now I feel like a park rider. I prefer rails, but my dream is to jump on the big kickers.

What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?
I like how Völkl snowboards are build, light and reactive... not to mention the graphics, the top boards graphics are very creative.

The place to be?
Amerikan rail park in Livigno.

Your signature trick?
Cab 1 on jumps, because it is a switch trick with slow aerial and compost air time and Cab 1 in, bs 1 out from boxes, because it is a switch to switch trick.

What kind of style is up to date? What trick is done?
For the girls-snowboarding-world, for sure the doubles and I think that no trick in snowboarding can be considered old or done.

Which trick do you want to learn next?
All 360s... fs3, bs3, cab3, swbs3!

How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?
The people that motivate me the most are for sure my best friends and my boyfriend. A good help is to watch videos of the strongest girl rider. A good way to train when there's no snow is going to the gym and pool, and jump on acrobatic mats.

You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far?
Yes, unfortunately: I was lost alone during a new powder truck and finding the right way. I rolled for tens of meters, losing helmet, google and gloves. Fortunately a tree stopped my descent, I say luckily because at least it was not a rock!

Highlights of last season?
All the only-girls-events, like Chicks On Board. My participation in the Volcom PBRJ Europe Final in Avoriaz because it was my first international competition. Unfortunately the snow conditions in Italy were not very good during the last season.

Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew?
My boyfriend and my best friends.

The best Snowboard trip ever was...

I hope it will come soon.

What is your favourite contest & why?
My favourite is the Volcom PBRJ.

What do you do when you are not riding?
I dedicate myself to my second passion... graphics.


In five years I want...
I'd like to find a job, so that I can afford to live with my boyfriend, and to finally make my snowboard trip. And for sure I'd like to have a Terranova dog.