Technical Data

Effective edge length

The effective edge length is the length of the working edge in contact with the snow when the board is turning (from the contact points of the board’s tip to the tail).


Setback means that the complete setup of the board including waist and inserts (position of the bindings) are shifted from the center towards the rear of the board. Freestyle boards have minimal setback or none at all (e.g. Squad line: 0 mm), giving nose and tail the same length. Freeride boards feature a greater setback (e.g. Pace 169: 45 mm) to enhance board control as well as edge grip, while facilitating more float in powder.


Inserts allow individual fine-tuning of the binding position to adapt a board’s riding characteristics to fit personal riding style. Freestylers usually prefer a flatter stance angle of +15° to +21° on the front foot and -3° to -18° on the back foot, while freeriders tend to ride with a +15° to +30° angle on the front foot and a -6° to +10° angle on the back. For a perfect stance the distance between both bindings should always be at least shoulder width, in freestyle even more.