FASTEC VISION / anthracite

Budget priced rear entry

The Fastec Vision is a true all-round binding for use on the whole mountain. With a high-end plastic baseplate and medium flex highback these bindings ensure top-end performance on the pistes as well as in the park. Support and direct power transmission come as part of the package, as does dampening in the toe ramp and heel plate. Also the tried and tested Fastec System means that a rider doesn’t waste any time on the mountain. Once set up, the bindings are always ready to go, while straps and forward lean can be easily adjusted without using a tool. This binding provides the reliability of the Fastec Series for riders on a budget.

  • versatile - tool-free forward lean adjustment
  • perfect fit - 3D toe & ankle straps
  • fast - Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckles
  • Drop-back highback with quick release lever
  • Tool-free highback forward lean adjustment
  • Symmetrical highback (medium flex)
  • FT4 series baseplate made of high-quality plastic
  • Auto-Release Buckles
  • Cable redirection
  • 3D Toe & Ankle Straps
  • Ergonomic EVA highback-pad
  • Toe ramp and heelplate dampening