Perfect All-Rounder

The Fastec Utopia’s key element is a high-end baseplate, made from flexible plastic, which adapts to a board’s flex. In combination with the medium-soft flex of the asymmetric highback they are a little more forgiving than aluminum counterparts. This is great news for freestylers and all-mountain riders, who dig the comfort of the Fastec System with its tool-free forward lean and strap adjustment. The fully dampened footbed and EVA Highback-Pad guarantee softened landings even in icy parks. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cooperative and comfortable binding.

  • versatile & agile - asymmetrical highback (medium flex)
  • comfortable - fully cushioned footbed
  • fast & simple - Fastec System with Micro Pump Buckles & tool-free adjustment
  • Drop-back highback with quick release lever
  • Tool-free highback forward lean adjustment
  • Size-adjustable highback
  • Asymmetrical highback (medium flex)
  • FT4 series baseplate made of high-quality plastic
  • Auto-Release Buckles
  • Micro Pump Buckles
  • Cable redirection
  • 3D Freestyle Toe & Ankle Straps
  • Oversized EVA highback-pad
  • EVA footbed