Mathis Bozzolo

Mathis Bozzolo

First name: Mathis
Last name: Bozzolo
Home: Saint Gervais, France
Homeresort: Saint Gervais, France
Snowboarding since: 2003
Year of birth: 1997
Favourite board: Völkl Xbreed
Stance: 57 / +12/-12
Best results:
> 1st Cadet and 3rd scratch half pipe Méribel (2014)
> 1st Cadet in Slope style, Les Ménuires (2014)
> vice champion of France Cadet, silver medal in half pipe and 8th french (scratch), French championship Avoriaz (2014)
> 1st at the UNSS Academic championship SBX and Slope style (2011)
> 2nd at the UNSS Championship SBX (2011)
> 3rd at the Slope style competition in Chamonix (2011)
> 13th at the French alpine Championship (2011)
> 9th place at Snowboardcross French championship (2010)
> 6th place at Alpin French championship (2010)
> 1st at snowboardcross Chamonix Kid contest (2009)

How do your buddies yell at you? Any story behind your nickname?

My friends call me MAT, it is shorter than Mathis !


What kind of rider are you? How do you see yourself? Why? 

I’m a freestyler (halfpipe, slopestyle … backcountry too). I love that !

I think I can improve my level because it is not depending on my size and my weight, I love SBX, too but I’m not as tall as the other competitors and it’s not easy for me.

I think the best for me is to work hard to have a lot of technic to have fun trying new tricks.


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards and what is the most important product feature for you?

The boards are fantastic, the most important is the pop to jump high, and the base to go fast and jump hight in the pipe …

The fashion style is important for me, not essential but important.


How was your last season? What was happening? 

It was difficult because I was in the first year of my new category (Minimes) and in Freestyle we comtest with the adults ! difficult to win...

I did a good result with my college on the UNSS French championship

I climb on the 3rd step of the podium in slope style at the end of the season in Chamonix.

I’m happy because I increase my level in Slope style, I tried a lot of new tricks and it’s fun because it’s coming …

Fortunatly there is some good parks and I enjoyed riding but the lack of snow did’nt permit to ride until the end of the season !


What’s your favourite spot / resort / mountain?  Why?

I love Avoriaz in the French Alps because the Pipe is ENORMOUS and there is a BIO PARK, build in wood (good for the planet)


How do you progress, learn new tricks? How do you train? 

All my favorites sports are around the “slide sports” : I practice roller, skate, waveboard, longboard, surf, bodyboard, dirt bike, and of course snowboard, I ‘m lucky because we have a trampoo and I can test my next tricks before doing it in backcountry in powder and after that in the park !

I never missed a training this winter, I love to ride with people stronger than me, I observe and try to imitate them.


Any favourite/signature trick/grab at the moment?

Sw Bs 540



You have for sure been on some roadtrips so far. Where is the best place to be and ride? Why?

Keystone USA:

my father was this winter in Keystone who have one of the best park in USA.

I saw some pictures and movies, it’s incredible all the modules they built, it will be easy and fun to learn new tricks


What stuff do you always make sure is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

My Ipod nano and camera


Name us your favourite music tracks/ DJs / bands and/or movies:

Rap US, hip hop and Reggae


Name us your favourite magazines and/or websites:

Snow and Onboard


Any favourite food and drinks?

Pasta ! Just before the competition, my mum creates a big plate of pasta, it’s good to keep energie during the whole weekend !!!

I love Pizza, too, and orange Juice, Im’ not crazy about soda, I prefer energy drink (Monster, dark dog …) but I’m to young to drink a lot !


What was your best experience so far in life? Why?

Open my mind and Travel with my Family, we went in USA twice and I love that, my dream is to ride the USA park …


What is your biggest dream?

To be admited in the POLE FRANCE to enter and competite in the French team ( Free style category).


Any rolemodels in your life or snowboarding career? Who do you want to meet? 

This year I ‘ve ever been in Tignes during the X game Europe, it was fun I met a lot of good riders (Mathieu crepel …) but my dream is to meet Travis Rice.


What are your future plans – what’s up next in snowboarding and your private life?

TTR, FFS,  freeride worlds tour Junior




I enjoy to live in Saint Gervais Mont Blanc, I live a passion and everything is cool.