Loan Bozzolo

Loan Bozzolo

First name: Loan
Last name: Bozzolo
Home: Saint Gervais, France
Homeresort: Saint Gervais, France
Snowboarding since: 2003
Year of birth: 1999
Favourite board: Völkl Coal Race, Fastec Prime Alu
Stance: Regular, FS 57cm and +15 front / -12°Regular, SBX 52 cm +18° front / 6°
Best results:
> 2014:
> 1st French Cup alpin, Combloux
> 2nd French Cup alpin, Combloux
> 3rd PGS Alpin, Les Houches
> 1st PGS Alpin, Grand Bornand
> 3rd Half pipe, Méribel
> 3rd Slope style, Les Ménuires
> 1st SBX, Les Ménuires
> 2nd SBX, Le Grand Bornand
> 3rd SBX, Le Grand Bornand
> 2nd SBX, Chamonix
> 4th SBX, Chamonix scratch with adults
> 7th SBX, French Championship, carroz
> 4th PGS Alpin, Carroz
> 3rd Bronze medal in Half pipe Minimes, french championship Avoriaz and 16th French (scratch)

How do your buddies yell at you? Any story behind your nickname?

LOLO is my nickname, it’s from my parents and now my friends call me like that.

I agree only with friends of mine call me Lolo, not with everybody ! 


What kind of rider are you? How do you see yourself? Why?

I’m versatile, I can ride everywhere, on the slope, in the air, on the boxes and in the powder

I’m stronger in SBX but I love pratice all kind of rides.


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards and what is the most important product feature for you?


I trust the Volkl board and binding and I can be very well on the snow or in the air.


I cannot stick my Squad with VOLKL Stickers because there is a grip on the nose and the tail. I suggest to put GRIP only on the middle of the board


How was your last season? What was happening? 

It was an incredible season, I did a podium at each race, 

I took the races as they are coming and I enjoy all of them. 

The results were good until the end of the season, I ‘m happy to confirm my tittle of “Champion de France” and to win this year the global Overall, it was a very pure moment of my life.


What’s your favourite spot / resort / mountain?  Why?

Chamonix because it is beautiful to ride with the Mont Blanc view


How do you progress, learn new tricks? How do you train? 

I have 3 coaches, one for Alpine, one for SBX and slope style and one for the Pipe

It’s good to have all these experiences.

I practice the same sports as my brother (slide sports) and trampoo to try new tricks and have fun


Any favourite/signature trick/grab at the moment?

3.6 back


You have for sure been on some roadtrips so far. Where is the best place to be and ride? Why?

My dream is to ride in USA with my family.


What stuff do you always make sure is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

Something to eat !


Name us your favourite music tracks/ DJs / bands and/or movies:

Rap us and Reggae. White panda,  fast and furious movies


Name us your favourite magazines and/or websites:

Snow and onboard


Any favourite food and drinks?

Burger, pasta and pizza, I love “panaché” (limonade and just the taste of the beer) but I’m not allowed by my parents because there is 0.5% of alcool inside, but I tried and it is good.


What was your best experience so far in life? Why?

Travel in Canada, because we stayed near a big lake with a canoo, fishing and eating hot dog and marshmallow, cooked in fire … simple but great !


What is your biggest dream?

To contest in the Olympic games for Annecy 2018, I’will be just 18 years old but 14 years snowboarding experience  ;-))


Any rolemodels in your life or snowboarding career? Who do you want to meet? 

Shaun White


What are your future plans – what’s up next in snowboarding and your private life?

European Snowboard Cup, to be qualified for the world championship Junior in China




For me Snowboarding is fun and I want to enjoy my ride with people who love snowboard.

Nothing is as strong as ride the powder, fly over the top and go fast as often I can !