Kristiina Nisula

Kristiina Nisula

First name: Kristiina
Last name: Nisula
Home: Tampere/ Oulu, Finland
Homeresort: Iso-syöte, Finland
Snowboarding since: 2006
Year of birth: 1992
Favourite board: Savvy 148
Stance: Regular +15, -12
Best results:
> 10th O’Neill Evolution 2012
> 8th Fis Junior Championchips 2012
> 3th Finnish national champs 2012, Slopestyle
> 1st Nanshan Open 2013
> 7th Nestcafe Champs 2013
> 7th Fis CZE, Slopestyle
> 2nd Nanshan Open 2014
> 2nd Community Cup 2014, Slopestyle
> 3rd 10 and big air 2014

- nickname: Krisse 

- strengths: strong

- weakness: candy

- favorite trick: Bs 5

- favorite obstacle: Jumps

- fashion accessory: necklace

- color: Black and wine red

- food: sushi 

- drink: Yogi tea and pure milk 

- piercings or tatoos: None, planning to get a tattoo one day

- book: Fifty shades of gray

- music: I don't narrow my listening  to some specific genre or a band

- best way to relax: chilling in the sun

- magazines: snowextreme

- websites:

- must see:



If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

there would be a chance for some little party to go down. I would probably buy a new car, put the rest on savings and think it through before start spending it all over the place..


An situation to Remember...

 Visiting China for the very first time, it was a great experience! 


What means snowboarding to you?

Snowboarding is a huge part of my life, its a way of expressing myself,its a way of compete with myself, It really connects people,  it has the widest range of feelings in it to experience. To me, the nature  is also important and snowboarding brings me close to it. 


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

Well, it has defenitely brought some new things in it, like for example the traveling, which is exiting and eye opening!  You could say that the season lasts through the whole year now, because its important to train during the summer too. If you prepaire yourself well for the winter, then you most likely stay healthy and be able to push yourself.  


What kind of rider are you? 

I see my self as an very motivated rider who wants to learn every aspect of snowboarding. Riging park is the best but Im also very keen to learn how to ride mountains.  This past season I really discovered the exitement that good freerideboard brings you when hitting that deep snow. Yavana 152 brought me that joy!  For the park I prefer camber shaped board, it gives me the steady feeling when going fast for the big jumps and at the same time is good for hitting the rails. 


Your signature trick & favorite obstacle? 

My favourite trick would be the classic back5 from some well shaped jump that gives nice airtime. The feeling that comes from the calm and steady rotation when having some air underneath your feet is really nice :) 


Which trick do you want to learn next?

Sw bs 5 


The place to be?

My homeresort in Finland is Iso-syöte, which has smooth jumps for getting some new tricks and allover a good park to ride. And also Breckenridge in Colorado is a wonderfull place to shredd.


What kind of style is up to date? What trick is done?.

I think that with good style, there really isn't  tricks or grabs that are done or old fashioned. I mean if you have a good style, you can make everything look good and fresh. 


How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?

You can get a lot of inspiration from the people you are riding with and it pushes you to learn new tricks and pushes you out of your comfort zone. When Im learning a new trick, I try to think it thorough in my head and then I try to figure out, if there is some parts of the trick that I already know. Like if I am learning a switchstance backside 5, I try to see it as if im doing a switch backside 180 and a frontside 360 in a row. It helps me to figure out some parts of the new trick. I don't know if this makes any sense, but it works for me :


You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far? 

Few season ago a fellow rider jumped staright on me when I was coming down the landing of a jump, during a warm up.  It was a close one but luckily I survived it with some scratches and bruises. Wear a helmet! I had mine on and because of that I walked away from there. I've broke my wrist and have had some nasty bruises but nothing bigger. (knockin the wood) 


What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?

I like the fact that Völkl Snowboards has a lot of experience with the product development and a large selection of boards, bindings, and clothing. The good quality that Völkl brings is also really important to me. 


Highlights of last season?

I had a really really nice season! I was travelling a lot, saw new places and got the opportunity to ride new parks/mountains. Competitions were fun too! I had some really nice days at the breckenridge Colorado, such a perfect park they have up there. Nanshan open at China was a unforgettable experience, the people there, food, all the things to see, just perfect. 


Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew? 

Just a big punch of my friends and that good feeling :) that would make the day. 

Would be cool to take some laps with Alicia Keys! 


The best Snowboard trip ever was...

Its impossible to take on trip and say it was the best one. Every trip has  something best in it. If I think last season, maybe it was my trip to breck. I've always wanted to ride the park there and take a look at the American experience. It felt unreal to actually stand at the beginning of the park for the very first time :)  


What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?

Laptop, charger for phone and computer, phone, water, earplugs, wallet, maybe a blanket, book and passport. 


What is your favourite contest & why?

Nanshan open at China was one of the best ones! If a competition is planned well and everything works, the level of riding usually goes high and it pushes all the riders and that makes the comp exiting. 


What do you do when you are not riding? 

I like to do all kinds of sports, stretching and getting some rest. All of those are important for getting the energy for riding.


In five years I want...

to be healthy and enjoying life! Of course ride a lot and have my life in balance. 



Thanks to my sponsors, family and friends and jogi. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”