Elias Gian Allenspach

Elias Gian Allenspach

First name: Elias Gian
Last name: Allenspach
Home: Zuzwil SG, Switzerland
Homeresort: Laax, Switzerland
Snowboarding since: 2005
Year of birth: 2001
Favourite board: Squad Jr. 140 and Fastec Prime Alu
Stance: Goofy, +15/ -12
Best results:
> Tour winner HP/SS Swiss Audi Snowboard Series 2013/14 (U13)
> 2nd place HP Swiss Championships 2014 (U13)
> 10th place HP Burton European Open 2014 Laax (U15)
> 10th place SS Burton European Open 2014 Laax (U15)
> 3rd place HP World Rookie Avoriaz 2014 (U15)
> 13th place Burton European Open 2013 Laax HP (U15)
> 1st place Minishred Contest Laax 2012

- nickname: none

- strengths: sociable

- weakness: to listen

- favorite trick: Pipe: fs 720, Slopestyle: fs 540 indy grap

- favorite obstacle: Pipe

- fashion accessory: none

- color: it changes, i love them all

- food: Pizza Margerita

- drink: lemon juice

- piercings or tatoos: none

- book: Warrior Cats

- music: Macklemore Can’t Hold Us

- best holiday location: In winter Switzerland, in summer Thailand

- best way to relax: a day in the powder

- magazines: pleasuremag

- websites: youtube


If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I would go on a trip to Hawaii with my family. And i would set up a skate bowl in the garden.


An Affair to Remember...

My first participation at the Burton European Open 2013.


What means snowboarding to you?

It means the world to me.


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

A pro? Hopefully one day this dream comes true !?




Völkl is my first sponsor. Thank you so much for your support and believing in me!!!