Axel Thelen

Axel Thelen

First name: Axel
Last name: Thelen
Home: Helsinki, Finland
Homeresort: Talma Ski, Helsinki
Snowboarding since: 2009
Year of birth: 1997
Favourite board: Völkl XBreed 153 and Völkl Prime Alu
Stance: +15/ -14
Best results:
> Finnish Championships, Ruka 2012, 5th Slopestyle
> Finnish Championships, Ruka 2013, 3rd Pipe and Qualified 3rd in Slopestyle
> Burton Rookie Tour, Talma Sipoo 2013, 3rd
> Parkkiskabat, Sappee 2013, 2nd and a lots of more good results

- nickname: Axel or Agster

- strengths: Double flips and korcks

- weakness: Bs spins in Pipe

- favorite trick: Fs 3 stalefish, Bs 5 Stalefish or front blunt 270 in rail

- favorite obstacle: Donky dick rail, or 16 meter kickers

- color: Orange or yellow

- food: Snails with garlic

- drink: Ice cold coke

- piercings or tatoos: NONE

- book: TWsnow 

- music: CAZZETTE - Hit da face, Breakbot - baby im yours, Johnny Cash -    I walk the line 

- best holiday location: Les Deux(2) Alpes, France

- best way to relax: Skate Miniramp with friends

- magazines: TRANSWORLD, snow

- websites:

- must see:


If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...

I would buy me a kickass house on the top of any ski resort and build a miniramp on the backyard!


An Affair to Remember...

My Family!


What means snowboarding to you?

I just lovesnowboarding because there is always so many new things you can do with it. And when you stand on the top of the park in a competition the feeling is just so great!


Has your life changed beeing a snowboard pro?

Not really that much, only thing is that my school jobs suffers sometimes.




Try to have as much fun when you are snowboarding, don’t take it too seriously.