Shock Absorber

The Völkl Shock Absorber is made of a special hardwood with high density. Knocks and shocks that occur while landing are absorbed at the bindings edge so that the woodcore itself is protected from cracks.

Horror-Shock Absorber

Continually improved, the HSA is made of especially durable armor wood inlays, that are milled into the core around the binding area. This allows the H-shaped inlays to absorb impacts of hard landings, making the boards strong enough to endure the weight of a small car, without losing any pop.

Shock Absorber

The Shock Absorber consists of a single hard wood layer that is inserted where the core tapers. Together with a V-Flex inlay it offers massive pop and improves durability as well as torsional properties.

Freestyle Rocker Shape / Steaze

This shape is also flat between the bindings, with moderate rocker in the nose and tail, which makes jibs and butters a walk in the park. Since the edge doesn’t bite immediately, edge-catching slams are things of the past. It also features enhanced float, the perfect savior for bombed out landings and flat powder slopes!