Extruded base

Produced by fusion, this base is very hard and damage-resistant. This low maintenance material is the best choice for riders who don’t regularly hot wax their boards, as extruded bases are still fast even if they’re not waxed.

Extruded super-clear base

This special Super-Clear Base complements silk-screened base graphics and delivers brilliant colors and almost total transparency. It also makes the base low-maintenance and very durable.

Sintered base

The production process of Sintered Bases forms pores that readily absorb wax. This makes the Sintered Base very soft, yet exceptionally damage-resistant and ensures excellent gliding properties when waxed regularly.

Sintered P-Tex 4500 Base

This base is made from a sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene with an extremely high density. It features very good wear resistance as well as perfect wax absorption and is above all fast. The material has been upgraded with special additives to make it thermal and electro-conductive and proves its qualities with premium glide and maximum speed in races.

Völkl Race Lab Splitbase / P-Tex 4500 World Cup

This exceptional base combination was created using the best-known materials but is the secret to the fastest and best to prepare bases on the market. The materials beside P-Tex 4500 World Cup and extraordinarily scratch-resistant side strips of P-Tex 5000 will remain secret.


These base graphics are made up of different pieces of P-Tex that are cut out using an ultrasound cutting machine and then manually put together like a jigsaw. This provides the base with depth and brilliance.

Back-screening and Die-Cut

This unique and complex method of creating graphics allows the combination of colorful Silk-Screening with Die-Cut, achieving stunning 3D effects.

Back-screened base

This complex method for colorful Silk-Screening allows unique graphics and stunning effects.

Swap Base

When working with graphics that feature many different colors Die-Cut Swap Bases reduce waste and so contribute to the protection of our environment. Furthermore, depending on the colors used, it means that we can produce different variations of board graphic. Is your board graphic unique and different? It could be with a Die-Cut Swap Base.

Fine stone finish

Additional grinding with an extra fine stone gives an even more perfect finish, enhancing wax absorption and gliding characteristics.

Special structural finish

In addition to the Stone Finish our top boards also have a Structural Finish in a flat pound pattern, which maximizes acceleration. To ensure optimal performance, the base should always be brushed after waxing, using strokes of light, constant pressure from nose to tail.

Wax finish

All Völkl boards are equipped with Wax Finish before leaving the factory. This fine layer of wax is fine for the first couple of runs but to ensure the base keeps its gliding characteristics over time, we strongly recommend hot waxing before its first use on snow!