Snowboarding is a sport that is loved by many sports enthusiast. IT is a sport that is played by over 2 million people every year in America and many more all around the globe.

It gives the sportsperson an adrenaline rush and is a lot of fun. It is so much fun that no sport can match it. You might not be able to do it every day but still, the love for snowboarding does not lessen for snowboarding lovers. During the days you can’t ride in the snow. It seems nice to watch a movie or a documentary on snowboarding. Listed below are some of the snowboarding documentaries and movies that you might want to watch during the offseason.

1. The Art of Flight (2011)

This is one of the best snowboarding movies that are available on snowboarding and can make you sit on the edge of the seat while you watch it.

The star of this snowboarding movie is Travis Rice, who is one of the best snowboarding influencers. Its cast also has many other snowboarders that are very famous in this field. It shows beautiful snowy landscapes and the picturesque beauty of the mountains. Along with it you can see the snowboarders showing their skills on the mountain tops in different countries such as Canada, Austria, Paraguay, Wyoming and many more places that are covered with snow.

This movie showcases the wonderful trails and amazing tricks that make it so visually beautiful. You would love to watch a movie like this if you are a snowboarding enthusiast.

It shows how much adversity and challenges do the snowboarding riders do while they are on top of the mountains, risking their life.

2. The Crash Reel (2013)

The Crash Reel (2013) was produced by phase 4 movies and is a wonderful documentary that showcases the professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce. This documentary shows the accident that happened to him while he was preparing himself to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He suffered a major fall that led to a brain injury that would make his career suffer. The injury was so bad that initially could not even remember his name. However, he initially made a comeback in spite of all the difficulty and rehab and bounced back to the snowboarding game.

The movie is a very honest take on how it is to live a life of a snowboarder and the good and bad part of the snowboarding sport in reality. While the movie’s main focus is on how Kevin recovers but it also showcases the strong family bond and the best part – never gives up on your dreams.

The film is perfect when it comes to its background music, cinematography and the best part is the snowboarding tricks showcased in the movie. It is the best movie anyone can find on snowboarding. If you like snowboarding sport you should surely watch it.

3. Let it Ride (2006)

This movie is based on the life of Craig Kelly who is also said to be the “Godfather of freeriding” and is a well-known celebrity in the snowboarding world. This movie showcases his style and the way he rode on the snow and connected with nature. It was his love for snowboarding that made it look so easy to snowboard. He said that it was just a line where snowboarders would play with gravity. He loved to snowboard and said that it took him to a new world of the unknown that always entertained him. This film shows about the passion he had for freeride snowboarding in the snow-filled mountains and his untimely death in the avalanche in the year 2003.

It also has shown the evolution of snowboard and shows how the snowboard came into existence. There are numerous interviews with entrepreneurs who created their own way of snowboarding in the early years. There was early footage around 15 years old and tells you a lot about the life of Craig Kelly.

4. Full Moon (2016)

Snowboarding is now a day loved by many women as well. The love for snowboarding is increasing amongst women as well and this movie is one of the reasons for it.

This movie has a lot to do with showcasing some of the amazing skills the women snowboarders have and also pays a huge tribute to women who were the first in snowboarding history.

This has inspired many new snowboarders and this film took around 2 years to be completed. This movie showcases the snowboarding rides of many snowboarders such as Hana Beaman, Lanie Pelosi, Marie -France Roy and many more. The movie is a work of art and has shown many picturesque snowy mountains in the background.

5. Boom (2016)

It is a short movie and has a really good impact. The movie is made by the Snowboarding team of Nitro and brings in the most amazing snowboarders that exist on this planet. It gives you an opportunity to look at the tricks that these pros play while on the snow. This movie showcases their passion and joys of snowboarding. This movie will send you on a trip that will be mesmerizing and a snowboarder’s paradise.

Along with the snowboarding tips that the pros give it also shows how much fun these players have while they are in the snow. It tells you how much fun have while they are travelling and snowboarding. Watching this movie makes you feel good and surely helps you out to snowboard.

Final Thoughts

These snowboarding movies are an amazing way to spend your day when you want to but can’t go on a snowboarding trip. These movies will help you remember the time you snowboarded and help you learn new tricks from the pros. In some way or the other, these movies will let you spend your day reminiscing about the memories you have about snowboarding. You will also come to know that it is not an easy job but something you would always want to do.


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