Have you ever thought about getting your damaged, worn out snowboard looking nice and beautiful again? Well! It can be done. You just need to use tuning kits or wax to get the snowboard all tuned up. It is similar to tuning your old car. You would need various tools to get the snowboard corrected such as files, iron, cloth, waxes, brushes, scrapers, blocks and cleaners.

Top 5 Snowboard Wax Kits List

You would find many tuning kits in the market. Some of these kits in the market have extra cloth and wax. Some of the other snowboard wax kits have specialized iron, brushes that are stiff and even files. All the wax kits are different from the other and can be found in simple to complex designs. This article can help you in making a correct decision to get the perfect wax board for your snowboard.

1. Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit

This waxing kit is made in such a manner that it makes it the most efficient tool to get your snowboard tuned up. You might be thinking of getting ready for your snowboarding trip to the mountains and might want to get the old snowboard ready for it. It might need repairs and the Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit will help you turn the old snowboard into a new one.

It’s Portable and Acts as a Wonderful Organizer

It has a smart design and that makes it a very efficient tool. It is compact and hence the space is not wasted. The iron used to wax the snowboard, files along with the brush and clothes can be kept in a well-organized manner. There would not be wastage of time and space at all while you in the slopes and will always love the amazing design of the Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit


It is a perfect kit for both skiing and snowboarding. All the tools found can be used in both the sports. You have to find the right temperature of waxing iron as per the instructions. This can help you in correctly waxing the board. All the tools which were mentioned above help in both skiing and snowboarding.

Price and Value

The snowboarding kit is a bit expensive but it is worth it. It has incredible features and provides everything that is required for an individual’s snowboarding trip starting from tools for quick repair, emergency or sudden fixes. This Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit can help you in all aspects.

Rating Criteria

  • Its Effectiveness is: 99
  • Stands at an Average: 98
  • Useful: 98
  • New features: 98
  • Compact and portable: 98
  • Price: 98


  • It is made with technology to tune the edge, the tuning stone is a flat polish pad.
  • The waxing iron temperature can be adjusted that has a case for carrying the iron and a P-tex that are also included.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty.
  • The iron work for wax works nicely with snowboards and even skis.
  • It includes 133 grams of Demon Wax.


  • Difficult to cool down the iron.
  • Sometimes the kit has missing pieces of tools.

2. Dakine Super Tune Kit

The Dakine Super Tune Kit has all kinds of tools for your snowboarding and skiing trip. However, if you are still thinking if it will fit your requirements, then you should look into the below features.

Can Be Repaired Quickly

The Dakine Super Tune Kit has been loaded with the sticks of PTEX and acts as a perfect option when it comes to repairing the snowboards. It can even fix the cracks, scratches and all other defects. When the wax that is hot cools, you can smoothen the snowboard with the help of the scrapers and files.

Wax That Is Considered Universal

The wax that is provided as a product with the Dakine Super Tune Kit can be used as a universal wax. It can be used in the application of wide varieties of snowboard and skis. The ironworks that are available with the wax works at variable temperature and later on according to the type of snowboard achieves the ideal temperature. The strips of PTEX are the main step when it comes to repair.

Price and Value

The Dakine Super Tune Kit has been priced reasonably and is worth the price. In this kit you get numerous tools that are valuable. It is not for experts but is perfect for casual or beginner snowboarders. It is a kit which is compact and portable and includes everything required for repairs.

Rating Criteria

  • The effectiveness is around 98%.
  • When it comes to being user friendly it is around 96%.
  • It has the latest features added about 96%.
  • The portability can be measured at 98%.
  • The value of the product can be rated at 97%.
  • The total average comes at 98%.


  • The kit has brushes, waxing iron, wax, sharpening tool & PTEX sticks.
  • Perfect snowboarding kit for beginners.
  • The waxing iron is easy to use.
  • Amazing performance when it comes to edge debugging.
  • Manual has detailed instructions.


  • Inconsistent heat of the iron.
  • Sometimes the brushes are missing.

3. Winterial Wax Kit

The Winterial Wax Kit is one of the best tuning snowboarding kits that works for a beginner and an experienced snowboarder. The snowboarding kit consists of numerous tools that are required for snowboarding repairs. It helps you in keeping your board in a perfect condition. The most interesting aspect is that there are numerous useful tools that fit in a space that is compact.

Sharpener That Is Multi-angled

The Multi- Angled sharpener has an extra advantage. Usually, the edge turners are found at 90 degrees. This feature of this sharpener of the edges at multiple angles such as 88, 87, 90 and 88.  The base edge angle is also adjustable.


The weight of the snowboarding wax kit is around 3.4 pounds. Hence, is known for its lightweight. The kit includes the following:

  • Edge Tuner
  • Wax Apron
  • Cleaning Brush
  • File
  • PTEX Strips
  • All Temp Snowboard Wax
  • Wax Iron
  • Plastic scraper
  • Fibertex Pads
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • Metal Scraper

Price and Value

The kit falls in the medium price medium which being compared to its price and numerous tools is very reasonable.  It is a very convenient and lightweight snowboarding kit and can be considered a light value item and an intelligent purchase.

Rating Criteria

  • The effectiveness is around 99%.
  • User friendliness can be measured at 95%.
  • New additional features can be measured at 96%.
  • Its portability can be rated at 98%
  • Value is approximately 96%
  • All the features can be aggregated to around 96.8%.


  • This carrying case is a compact and complete kit.
  • It is a multiple temperature French wax.
  • User manual that is easily understandable.
  • It has the basic tools along with the wire brush, plastic scrapers, steel wool are also inside the kit.
  • It is a compact and portable kit that is easy to carry along with you while travelling. It is very light in weight.


  • While wearing the laces are difficult to stow.
  • A bit small in size.

4. Racewax Complete Wax kit

The Racewax Complete Wax is known as a complete kit for the reason that it is filled with all kind of tools that are needed for snowboarding. Some considered this as a positive thing while some say it’s a negative thing. Well! Whatever be the critic opinion it has an incredible tool list included that is overwhelming. You can be rest assured that the tool kit for snowboarding covers all the necessary equipments required during any emergency.

Advanced Waxing Kit

The snowboarding wax kit is so advanced that you can get the board repaired at home. This will help you in saving your valuable money and time. It also provides you an in-depth knowledge about how all tools work and the repair work are done. You can take the responsibility of putting the wax on your board as per your requirement.

Best Starter Set

This snowboarding kit has all the tools that are needed for snowboarding. This kit can make sure that a beginner has no problem in learning how to repair the snowboard. It can be called the swiss army knife for snowboarder’s because it can solve all problems. Hence it makes a snowboarder’s job easier when there is an emergency. With the help of some training the new learners can also understand how to tune their snowboard.

Price and Value

The Racewax Complete Wax kit is found to be a bit more expensive than the others and the cost may be considered a bit high when compared to the tools that are provided. It though has some value but is very costly.

Rating Criteria

  • The kit effectiveness can be considered around 97%.
  • User friendliness can be considered to be around 93%.
  • Its new features come to be rated around 95%.
  • Its portability is around 97%.
  • Its value stands at 96%.
  • This product has an average of 95.6%.


  • Best for beginners.
  • The edge cutting tool has around 20 various angles.
  • It has a sharpener that has 70mm diamond tip stone.
  • The metal file is two sided.
  • It also has a metal scraper along with a vinyl storage sleeve.


  • The sharpener causes a lot of problems.
  • It is highly priced.

5. Grayne Deluxe Snowboard Wax Kit

The Grayne Deluxe Snowboard Wax Kit is known to be a very simple snowboarding wax case. Some of the benefits that are provided in the earlier cases discussed above are not available in this kit. Hence, this kit does not have the convenience and the portability like others. Also, when compared with the others it is found to be inexpensive, so it is better for snowboarders who are occasional.

Multiple Use Tool

It acts as a multiple use tool that is very efficient. This also acts as a swiss Army Knife and can be used for numerous reasons. However, many of the tools in the kit have been seen to have given a lot of problems. There is not much of convenience and does not serve the basic need of a snowboarder’s wax kit. It’s better to not take any kit than taking the Grayne Deluxe Snowboard Wax Kit. Not useful at all.

Rating Criteria

  • Effectiveness can be rated at 92%.
  • User-friendliness can be rated at 93%.
  • The new additional features can be rated at 91%.
  • The portability is not that good and is rated at 90%.
  • The values can be told to be at 93%.
  • The average of the product can be seen to be at 92.2%.


  • The ratcheting screwdriver that comes in six pieces.
  • The most durable wax scraper.
  • The edge sharpener that has two degrees.
  • The double voltage waxing iron.
  • You can achieve an 88 or a 90-degree snowboarding edge in a couple of seconds.


  • The brush that is provided is not good for double purpose.
  • The waxing iron does not fit properly in the kit.

The best snowboarding wax that you can find in the market would be the Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit because

It has a technology to tune the edge, the tuning stone is a flat polish pad. The waxing iron temperature can be adjusted that has a case for carrying the iron and a P-tex that are also included and has a lifetime warranty. It includes 133 grams of Demon Wax.

Some useful Tips

How to understand the types of wax to be used?

There are many types of snowboarding wax. Some of them are:

  1. All-temperature wax: It is generally meant for weather that has varied temperature.
  2. Temperature-specific wax: This wax is made up for weather that has the same temperature all the time.
  3. Fluorocarbons: They are good for weather that has the same temperature.
  4. Universal wax: It works for both skiing and snowboarding.

Procedure to Wax the Snowboard

Waxing and tuning involve following the specific instructions provided with a kit. If you are not that skilled then you should always get professional help. However, listed below is the normal procedure. The tuning and waxing of the snowboard involve a set of particular instructions that are given in the manual.

  1. You should remove the old wax on the snowboard that you have before you start to use a wax remover spray.
  2. The second step is to start rubbing a new coat of fresh wax, that is only when you are using the bar wax.
  3. Let’s say that you are using a wax that is hot wax, then you need a wax iron to spread it properly and evenly on the snowboard.
  4. Now you need to wait for the wax to cool down.
  5. Now as the wax has cooled down you can scrape out the extra wax from the snowboard.
  6. You can now smoothen the snowboard by dusting off the extra wax.
  7. Check if there are any areas on the snowboard that are not even.

It is really important to check your kit condition before you go for the snowboarding trip. You should know how the tools for snowboarding works. You should understand how much time it takes to warm and then cool down. The other thing that you should know is the application of the hot wax and then how to scrape out the wax that is extra.  Make sure you carry the snowboarding kit in a good condition so that it can help you in an emergency situation while you are on a snowboarding trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Usefulness of snowboard wax?

A: The snowboarding wax lessens the friction that happens between the board and you. It thus allows you to travel faster and even smoother. Almost all wax has fluorocarbons. These wax act as a lubricant and also a particle that can seal the snowboard.

Q: Can ski wax kits instead of the snowboarding wax kit? Will it work?

A:  All Universal waxes are the main products that are used in snowboarding wax kit & ski wax kits.

Q: What is the price range of a snowboarding kit that you should buy?

A: You should choose a snowboarding kit that is around $90 to $150.

Q: What are PTEX sticks?

A: PTEX strips are products that are made of the chemical’s polyethylene. When you heat the PTEX strips and the chemical reaches a particular temperature the strips can be used to repair damages on a snowboard.

Well tuning or repairing a snowboard yourself is something that saves a lot of your money as taking it to shop would be expensive. Once you are aware of the things that you need to do and if you have the correct tools. You can fix your snowboard by yourself and tune it up again. It would be good as new. Tuning kit allows you to control the damage and helps you in smoothing buffing and sharpening of the snowboard. It also helps you in application of wax that is hot to fix the damaged parts of the snowboard. The kit has a manual in it so make sure you read it before using it. As it is dangerous to deal with wax.

All the snowboards discussed above are really good for snowboarders. However, the best of the lot was the Demon Complete Snowboard Tuning Wax Kit. It is a sheer delight for any snowboarder. It is also designed in such a way that it can be used both as a ski and a snowboard.


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