If you want to keep your snowboard in perfect condition for the next season it is important that you wax the snowboard and maintain it. The snowboard wax helps in protecting the snowboard from damages and even covers for the damages if any. You can get anyone to tune your snowboard but you need to learn and understand the technique of tuning the snowboard so that you can fix your snowboard on your own if there is a requirement.

For tuning the snowboarding, it is important that you have the perfect tools to use. As you already know, you need iron to wax your board.

In this article, you will find some of the amazing wax irons that are found in the market.

Who Can Get The Wax Iron?

If you are not interested in waxing the snowboard on your own, then you do not need to get the iron. However, if you are interested in waxing the snowboard all by yourself then you would need all tools along with the waxing iron for you to complete the procedure. It is one of the main aspects of repair your snowboard. As it is the main tool that helps you melt the wax so that it can be spread on the base of the snowboard you are using.

Many think that a simple iron will do the job for the board. However, that is not something that is possible. These irons are far better than the regular irons you use at home. If you are sceptical about doing the job on your own you can get help for tuning the board in a local shop. However, you need to keep in mind that these shops would charge more than what would be required for purchasing a good wax iron.

Top Picks Of The Best Snowboard Irons Of The Year 2021:

1. Wintersteiger Ski/Snowboard Waxing Iron

This is one of the best irons for waxing snowboard that every snowboarder recommends using. The model is a very compact product and has a design that is ergonomic. Along with that, it is very comfortable when used. Hence, makes it very easy when you travel.

It is an automated temperature control iron that is best for waxing snowboard and can set to any temperature you desire it to be on. The grip to hold is made of soft rubber and is comfortable to hold. So, you can get the work down properly. The base plate thick but smooth.


  • The temperature is adjustable.
  • It is compact.
  • It has a grip made of rubber for perfect control.
  • It has a base plate that is thick.
  • Very good snowboarding iron for taking along when travelling.


  • The temperature can be uneven when you use it on the base that is thick.

2. WSD Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron

Yet another amazing waxing iron is the WSD Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron. It is one of the most reasonably priced and effective irons that is very user friendly and can be used very easily. It is very reliable and durable.

It has a power cable that is very long around 1.9 meters and can be kept away while you are working. It can be stored easily as you can wrap it easily around the handle and can be used even while you are travelling.

The iron has a special feature to adjust the temperature with the turn of the dial. Its design is also found to be asymmetrical and nice and comfortable for the person using it.


  • It is one of the best irons at a reasonable price.
  • The temperature can be adjusted.
  • It is a compact iron.
  • It has a long power cord that can be kept aside without you being disturbed when working.
  • Feels great and works well in either hand.


  • It is hard to adjust the temperature of the iron when it is hot.

3. TOKO T14 Digital Wax Iron:

This board is good for individuals who have many boards to deal with, be it at your shop or the garage. You would need an iron that can really stand up to the task that it has got. The TOKO T14 Digital Wax Iron is an amazing iron that is graded as a professional iron for waxing snowboard effectively and efficiently.

It has a digital feature that can control temperature. It has a base plate that is very thick. It has awesome durability and can help you in waxing your snowboard in a perfect matter in quality time.


  • The iron has a Great performance and can give a professional-level performance.
  • The temperature is adjusted digitally.
  • The base of the plate is thick and can contain heat.
  • It is very durable.
  • It also has an ergonomic design.


  • It is very expensive.

What To Consider When You Are Thinking To Buy The Best Snowboard Wax Irons?

Adjusting Pattern

The iron should have the feature to control the temperature of the iron according to the user’s need. It is not that you cannot iron the snowboard with the iron that does not have this feature. It is just that the user gets more control when the temperature can be adjusted.

An iron that is adjustable comes with a dial or other options that can change the temperature. If you reduce the temperature, the wax will melt slowly and vice versa.


The iron that is used to wax is basically smaller than the regular ones. However, there might be a difference between brand to brand. If you like to roam around for your snowboarding trips then it is less likely that you iron the snowboard on your own so it has to be compact and small, so that it can fit your bag. However, if you just want to keep it at your home you can keep an iron that is bigger in size.

Base Plate

The part of the iron that gets heated up is called the base plate. It is known to be the most important part of the snowboarding iron. However, when you buy the snowboarding iron you should think about the size of the base plate also.

A base plate that is thick is best when it comes to iron that is needed for waxing snowboards. It is best known to hold and also retain heat for a longer time. It would increase the performance of the wax snowboard rather if you use the one with a thin baseplate.

While using the iron for waxing snowboard make sure to use a smooth base plate. Unlike the ones that are used for the iron of clothes that have holes in them.

Some Other Things That Need To Be Considered While Buying The Snowboarding Iron Are:

Brand Value: All brands have a specific value-added to them because of the different features that are added to them so that they can be better than the competitors. It is best that you check that as well.

Features: Always make sure that you have the most advanced feature iron to keep up with the latest trends.

Specifications: The specification of the iron for snowboard waxing is very important. So, you need to check that properly as well.

Product Value: When you are buying the product makes sure that the price it has is worth it.

Customer Ratings: Read the reviews and check the rating that is given by previous buyers online before buying the product.

Customer Reviews: The customer reviews also matter a lot as it gives you a firsthand description of how the product actually works and if there are any problems in it.

Product Quality: The quality of the product may vary a bit here and there but it should not be too cheap.

Product Reliability: Well! it is always better to stick with brands but the quality of the product can be measured only by the time it would last and give good performance.

Some Important Tips

Waxing a snowboard is not very difficult and can be done by anyone. So, if you want to keep your snowboarding performance at the top, learning a small and easy skill would not kill you.

Get the iron ready along with some wax and a couple of different tools to do the job correctly. The most important thing to known while waxing the snowboard is to move the iron simultaneously. It is very similar to how you iron clothes. If you don’t move the cloth iron there is a probability that it might burn the cloth. It is the same for the snowboard as well.

Well, the board does get damaged that easily like the clothes but it can surely cause huge damage to the base of the board. When you complete the task, you would find the board that is waxed properly and looks like a brand new snowboard. it also would give you an amazing performance during your snowboarding trip.

The best iron for snowboard waxing from the above list is the Wintersteiger Ski/Snowboard Waxing Iron because the temperature of the iron is adjustable, it is a compact iron that has a thick base plate.


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