In this article, you will come to know about the best butter boards of this year 2021. There are several types of snowboarding butter that can be found all around the world such as tripod, pretzel, nose roll, bagel and several more. Generally, when you are referring to buttering it is the ground tricks that includes a lot of switch riding, spinning & pressing.

Buttering seems super fun and is one of the new techniques when it comes to freestyle snowboarding. Buttering technique can be done on the mountains because that can’t be done on normal terrain. It does not need jumps or kicker. In the below article you will come to know about some tips to find a snowboard that is good for buttering. As you need to understand what you should be looking for.

What is Buttering?

You have already come to know that buttering is a lot of fun and now you might have thought to try it. However, why is it called buttering?

The pro snowboarder Craig Kelly was snowboarding. When his friends saw him on the board riding, they commented that it looked like he is buttering bread. This is how it got the name of Buttering.

It is called by many other names such as flat ground, ground tricks or flatland. All these names are for the same technique known as buttering.

Top picks of Snowboard for Buttering:

1. Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard

This snowboard is a flexible yet soft rocker board that is like a true twin and provides you options for practising new tricks without getting hurt. Due to this reason, this board has also won the “snowboarder magazine best of test”, “the good ride jib favourite” & “Transworld snowboarding good wood test”!

The best part about the snowboard is that it has cute graphics and has a good price that is affordable. The part that does not suit the board is that it is it was designed for jib and park. Hence, it is not good for carving or giving powder rides.


  • It is available in sizes such as 141 cm, 143 cm, 147 cm, 149 cm, 151 cm & 153 cm.
  • It is best for the rails, parks & transition.
  • The dual-core is FSC certified: The core is lightweight and does not have irregularities so they have uniform flex and consistency.
  • It has a special fibreglass blend and bean resin that is magical.
  • The Biaxial top & biaxial bottom has durability & has a lot of strength that has increased.
  • Its innovative formula is reformulated and is known for its high performance. And thus, the resin is known as Magic Bean resin.
  • Ex base: Super drive: It can be called a new and innovative material for resistance against high abrasion, the base is forged with precision and can glide smoothly.


  • None found.

2. Capita Ultrafear Snowboard

An amazing looking board that has been designed as soft to medium flex and has a profile of true twin. The board can make your ride joyous and is considered a poppy board that is very lightweight. This board is perfect for a board that suits the snowboarders looking to attempt the buttering trick. Even people fond of freestyle can use it as it gives more stability and can even be used for carving technique. It is a bit higher prices and has all the features that come with Ultrafear.


  • It is found in sizes such as 17 cm, 149 cm, 151 cm, and 153 cm, 153cm (W), 155 cm, 155cm (w) & 157 cm.
  • It is best for the rails, parks & transition.
  • It has a powerful dense core that is known for providing durability and control. It is also known as dual blaster ash pop core.
  • KEVLAR/TITANAL BODY ARMOR: Precision tuned, futuristic performance technology.
  • It is known for its precision and advanced technology. It is also known as Kevlar or Titanal Body Armor.
  • 5 mm CORK EDGE DAMPENING SYSTEM: Damp, durable, and lighter than rubber, cork increases protection from blunt force impacts.
  • It is lightweight, very durable, damp and the cork enhance the protection when there is a blunt force that impacts it.


  • Carving skills are not that good.

3. Bataleon Fun. Kink Snowboard

It can be called a twin board (99%) as it has a nose that is long. It can be measured around 1 cm nose. It offers the feeling of a rocker and also protects you when you make a mistake while riding. The board has a technology that has three bases and is very stable. Due to the soft flex, it is a lot of fun to ride on it and is smooth like butter. The base is extruded but can be repaired easily when needed.

If you are in deep slush it would help you enjoy the ride and is an amazing snowboard if you try hard and learn to get accustomed to it. It is one of the best board for ground tricks and is good at carving. However, you won’t find graphics that are attractive.


  • It has a 3D profile and has 3 layers along with a sidekick.
  • It has a mellow camber profile.
  • The laminate used is known as Biax laminate.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • The disadvantage is that it is not between your feet.

Features To Consider While Looking For Snowboard That Is Good At Buttering:

Flex (Stiffness)

It is completely opposite to picking a snowboard for carving. You should be getting a snowboard that is a soft board if you are looking for a snowboard for buttering. If you ever make a mistake it is quite forgiving and the response would be delayed because the board is soft. It is good for presses as well.

The board should have a softer flex in the middle of the snowboard and should have a hardtail along with the nose. It makes the spin and presses easier. If the board is soft you would feel like having more fun. Because it is flexible it can generate more force that can allow you to do jumps that are higher and allows you more spinning, hence it makes the technique of buttering easier.

If the length of the snowboard is shorter it makes the technique of buttering easier and allows you to manoeuvre the snowboard easily. So, the spins happen easily, even the pressing and other tricks become easier. You should try taking off 2-6 cm from the standard snowboard length. As the board becomes shorter it becomes lighter and so you can jump higher. Thus, it will give you enough time to complete the tricks.

Directional Shape

When you are buttering you need to switch a lot therefore it is better to get a twin board that is true to its nature. It will also make you feel the same way when you perform spinning, landing, jumping and switch riding.

Profile of the Snowboard

The rocker profile snowboard is the one that makes it easier for performing the buttering. However, it helps you in performing the camber profile as well. However, this should be your preference.


You should get a normal snowboard that is wide but not too wide as it would create a delay in the response that is too much and can make a huge mistake. However, if you opt for a narrow board it will be difficult to balance when you are on the board. So, make sure that you don’t have a very shortboard.


Many freestyle boards are seen to have a base that extrudes and can be repaired easily. Hence, it lowers the cost of the snowboard. You will find it easy to repair if your snowboard base gets damaged.

Some More Tips for Buttering:

Hopefully, you have found your desired snowboard for buttering. Here are a few tips and tricks that could be helpful to you:

By now you might have got the snowboard that you require for your buttering technique. Listed below are some tricks and tips that you might like:

  • You should keep practising switching and also keep pressing more before beginning to spin. You should know the basic.
  • As you are flexible loosen up your lower part of the body.
  • You should practice in an area that is a bit soft but should not be very powdery. You should be careful not to get hurt.
  • You should spin or jump with the force the snowboard generates rather than just depending on the jumps. It will help you jumping higher and would give you a long time in the air so that you can complete the tricks.
  • Always wear gear to protect yourself so that you don’t get hit while performing the tricks.
  • Make sure to keep a speed that is slow. It will help you in keeping your balance well.
  • Beginners should carry fewer tools in the park to get more balance.

The above article will help you in picking the best snowboard to practice the buttering technique. The best buttering snowboard that you can find in the market according to our expert is the Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard because it is best for the rails, parks & transition and has a powerful dense core that is known for providing durability and control. It is also Precision tuned and has futuristic performance technology.

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