Snowboarding is an undeniably exciting sport and recreational activity for enthusiasts. If you enjoy it, you probably understand the importance of getting the best boots. Comfort makes a big difference for the best performance and a thrilling experience.

However, comfort in snowboarding will depend on more than the type or quality of boots you wear. Size is an important consideration to make. Boots that fit may not always be the best solution to getting comfort right; eventually, they may end up soring your feet.

You may have also tried boots with a tight fit and noticed how difficult and uncomfortable it was moving around with them. Besides hindering the best performance, tight-fitting boots can also affect your overall experience since you may have more to worry about than enjoy.

Individuals with wide feet often have the greatest challenges getting the best boots for snowboarding. Accommodative boots are not easy to come across in the market; you will find more fitting or smaller types, which may not serve you optimally.

Another challenge is that when you get boots suited for wide feet, they may not be of the best quality or from a trusted brand. Shopping through the available options can also get confusing, leaving you with lesser to no more moves for your sport.

Therefore, this article will look into some of the best available options of snowboard boots available in the market and suited for wide feet. We will discuss what each brand has to offer and what makes them unique, besides looking into what other people have had to say about them.

Our list of the top seven is as follows:

1. Burton Ruler

Topping the list is Burton’s Burton Ruler. You may love the pair for its lacing system, a speed zone. It has a 3E width size and medium flex rating. Most snowboarders with wide feet would go for the Burton Ruler over other boots for various reasons.

If you had a difficult time in the past determining the most suitable boot for your sport, this could be what works best for you. This pair provides a great and snug fit, offering relief to individuals with wide feet. Users of the Burton Ruler have expressed satisfaction with the pair, citing comfort as one of the top reasons.

Nevertheless, a few users have expressed disappointment with the pair. Some felt that the boots were not the widest in the market, therefore, unsuitable for extra wide feet. A few more users were disappointed with the pair’s comfort and durability.

Summarily, snowboarding enthusiasts loved the Burton Ruler and found the pair ideal for relatively two seasons, with riding frequency as a determining factor. These boots are the most-favored for wide feet. However, individuals who spend more time sporting may have to consider other options for higher durability and a better experience. 


  • Comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Affordable


  • Some users were disappointed with the pair’s comfort
  • Some users were disappointed with the pair’s durability

2. Burton Photon

Coming second is Burton Photon, another pair by Burton. The boots are newer, and you may find them costlier than the Burton Ruler. What do they have to offer? First, you should expect a distinction from Burton Ruler’s lacing system. 

The Photon features a Boa Coiler lacing, which is specially designed to provide better heel hold. Therefore, you may find this pair more comfortable. That is not all; it has a similar 3E width size and a firm flex rating. Snowboarding enthusiasts have had something to say about this pair.

Happy users have cited comfort as one of the pair’s winning points. The lacing system, compared to Burton Ruler’s, is also improved and thus more preferable. You may also love the firmer flex that the pair offers.

However, notable setbacks with the boots are their price. Unlike the Burton Ruler, the Burton Photon is costlier. Summarily, if you are looking for more comfort or have extra wide feet, this pair could serve you better than the former.


  • Boa Coiler lacing
  • Firm flex
  • Comfortable


  • Costly

3. Salomon Synapse

If you have tried various wide boots for snowboarding, you have perhaps come across the renowned Salomon Synapse. How does the pair differ from Burton’s Ruler, and Photon and what does it have to offer? First, you may be happy with the Salomon Synapse’s suitability for all-mountain performance.

The boots have a liner for protection from the cold; it also enhances breathability. You also get more from the lacing system, which provides a secure fit for your boots through a power lock system. You may thus have lesser to worry about when snowboarding.

Does a stiff flex interest you more? If so, the Salomon Synapse could be a suitable pair for you; the pair is a stiff medium flex, with a boot flex scale of eight out of ten. Snowboarding enthusiasts have expressed their satisfaction with the Salomon Synapse.

Nevertheless, notable setbacks are that some users found the pair narrow. Another user was also found the boots uncomfortable, and another was unhappy with their durability. Summarily, if you are looking for a reliable lacing system and a stiff flex, the pair could serve you well.


  • Protective and breathable liner
  • Power lock system
  • Stiff flex


  • Some users found the pair narrow
  • A user was unhappy with the pair’s durability

4. Salomon Dialogue

Coming forth is Salomon’s second option for wide feet, the Salomon Dialogue. How does this pair differ from the Salomon Synapse, and what does it have to offer for your snowboarding? First, you may love the heat-moldable fit that the Dialogue offers.

If you would prefer a softer flex over the Synapse’s stiff flex, then you may love the Dialogue more. The lacing system is desirable; you get a zone lock lacing and could benefit from the BOA lacing, which some users may find faster.

While snowboarding enthusiasts tend to speak more about the Synapse, the Dialogue does not fail wide-feet individuals who have tried the boots. Some have found the boots comfortable and to provide an excellent fit, thus improving the ride experience.

However, a notable setback from a user is that the pair is not durable; another was also unhappy with the width. While not many users have shared much about their experience with the Dialogue, the boots prove to be good recommendations for wide feet.


  • Soft flex
  • Zone lock lacing system
  • Comfortable


  • A user was unhappy with the pair’s durability
  • A user was unhappy with the pair’s width

5. Salomon Hi-Fi

How do you feel about the Salomon boots? If you have not tried them before, you are perhaps developing an opinion towards their suitability for your wide feet. The Salomon Hi-Fi is another of Salomon’s pairs designed specially for snowboarders with wide feet. What does the pair have to offer?

You may find the Hi-Fi more like the Dialogue. If you prefer a softer flex over the Synapse’s, then the Hi-Fi may be for you. Unlike the other two pairs by Salomon, however, the Hi-Fi was designed with the renowned all-around snowboarder, Bode Merrill, in mind.

You may love the pair’s never-ending flex, thanks to the mutation construction. The boots also offer a wrapping fit and a zone lock lacing system. Snowboarding enthusiasts love the boots for their comfort and the performance they deliver. You may find them to be the best solution for your wide feet.

Users of the Hi-Fi do not express many disappointments. However, a notable setback is that the boots are costly; you may have to spend more than you would on the Salomon Dialogue or the Salomon Synapse. Summarily, this is a great snowboarding pair.


  • Mutation construction
  • Zone lock lacing system
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

6. K2 Maysis

Coming sixth is a unique pair of boots that you may find suitable for your wide feet. You may love the K2 Maysis for its medium flex, with lesser stiffness, compared to the Salmon by Synapse. Let us find out what more the pair has to offer and how it differs from the rest.

You may love the pair’s elimination of shell distortion, thanks to its construction. The boots feature a fast BOA lacing system, which promotes high adjustability. What is more, is that you get a 3D liner with intuition control foam. You also get to enjoy impact and vibration absorption from the rubber outsole, hence less fatigue.

Snowboarding enthusiasts love the K2 Maysis for the par’s comfort and perfect fit. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the boots for the great performance they deliver and the features that put them ahead of the rest; they are a good choice for wide feet.

Nevertheless, a few users have shared their disappointments on the K2 Maysis. Some felt that the pair was not comfortable enough. Other users were unhappy with the durability, noting wear and tears throughout the season, unlike the case with other boots.


  • BOA lacing system
  • 3D liner with intuition control foam
  • Impact and vibration absorption


  • Some users found the pair uncomfortable
  • Some users were unhappy with the pair’s durability

7. Thirtytwo Lashed

Unlike the boots that we have discussed, the last on our list is a normal-width pair. You may wonder why and how it made it to the list; many snowboarding enthusiasts found the boots suitable for wide feet too. The pair also offers features suitable for the sport and any individual who puts the boots to good use. Let us find out what the Thirtytwo Lashed has to offer.

You may love the effect of its new performance rubber outsole, which comes with an Evolution foam. The pair provides a reliable flex, snug fit, and perfect support to its wearer. You may also find the 3D molded tongue and team internal harness to be effective.

Snowboarding enthusiasts love the Thirtytwo Lashed for the pair’s comfort. While the pair is normal-width, users noted the comfort enhanced by the heat molding. You may get the boots in various options and styles; they are also the most affordable on our list.

Nevertheless, a user was disappointed by the pair’s width, which caused discomfort. Despite that, the heat molding served to enhance comfort. It would also help to consider that the Thirtytwo Lashed is designed as a normal-width pair; therefore, it may not fit all with wide or extra wide feet.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable flex


  • A user found the pair too narrow

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best snowboarding boots for wide feet, it is easy to get confused by the available options. We have looked into at least seven different pairs of boots, each with something unique to offer. How do you determine what works best for you?

Every brand has a unique delivery. A manufacturer has a snowboarder in mind and targets different areas of the sporting experience. While some will provide more comfort, others will offer better durability. You may also note other distinctions between brands.

Nevertheless, as was the case with some pairs of snowboarding boots in our review, some brands manufacture different types of boots. You may find that each type has something unique about it and can serve you differently, depending on what you are looking for.

More confusion can arise from the specifications you are looking for. This article looks into snowboarding boots for wide feet. These kinds of boots are not always easy to come about, and even when you find what you think may work for you, it is important to determine whether your foot is wide or extra wide.

Some features may also require further understanding than what you get on the surface. If you are considering a boot’s lacing, it would be best to know why and what kind of lacing can serve you best. Similarly, understand what makes some boots more durable than others.

So, how can we help you make the best decision on the snowboarding boots that will suit your wide or extra wide feet? In this section, we will discuss, among more, the effects of comfort, width, lacing, durability, and price on the choice of your sport’s boots.


Comfort is an encompassing factor. You may find it difficult or impossible to ride with discomfort. Comfort determines how fit you are to move around and for how long you can do so. Every pair delivers comfort in different ways. It is good to figure out what affects the comfort you get with your pair.

Before looking at what other people have to say about how comfortable particular boots are and how well they serve their rides, it is best to know what works for you and what does not. What would serve your rides well, and what would make snowboarding thrilling and immerse you in the experience without the need for early replacement during the season?

Our preferences dictate plenty of what works and what does not for us. So, what are your preferences? Would you prefer specific designs over others? Do you find certain widths too narrow or too wide for your feet? Do the boots you have in mind lack on one aspect or another that you would find essential?


Can you imagine snowboarding without laces? It could be dangerous if at all your feet will stay in your boots for longer than a minute. Due to the nature of snowboarding, riding without laces can be an impossible idea, if not overly complicated. 

Lacing is essential for not only players but also recreational riders. As long as you plan to take down that mountain or spend time moving at high speed, you are going to need something to hold your feet tight and, of course, comfortably so that you are sure of your safety.

Safety is an important consideration for every snowboarder. To keep your feet in place within your boots and throughout your ride, it is a good idea to consider quality lacing. Your boots will also deliver better performance with a more secure lacing system.

We have discussed various systems in the different pairs that we looked into. Whatever works best for you would be the most preferred lacing; however, consider other factors too that accompany your choice. Remember that the laces are not stand-alone. 


We are discussing the best snowboarding boots for wide feet. Therefore, width is a critical factor to consider when looking through your available options. It can be easy to overlook the importance since wide feet can equate your search to wide boots, but that is not always so.

First, wide boots are not easy to find. Most are standard sizes or small. You have probably spent a substantial time looking for boots that offer the right or snug feet for your snowboarding and failed. With all the available options, landing on the most suitable one can be complicated.

Upon finding wide boots, you will note the importance of determining your foot size. Wide feet are not all one size; some are extra-wide, while others can fit in selected normal-width boots. Therefore, find the correct size that matches your feet for a good chance of landing on the best choice.

How do you figure out your feet’ size? While you can do it physically in various ways, other faster and hassle-free means are offered online. If you have not tried Leaf tv’s site, then you probably should; with a visual aid, you can make the determination in no time.


Would you entertain the idea of purchasing boots that do not last? It would be a waste of money. You could end up making several purchases within one season or get back on square one to looking for the best boots after every season. How can you avoid this? Get a durable pair.

However, durability is not indicated anywhere on any boot you set out to purchase. You may find all the relevant information about your desired pair but can have difficulty confirming if everything you have is true. So, what do you do, and how do you go about it?

Information is a good starting point. Different materials deliver different qualities. Depending on a boot’s construction, you could have a few weeks to some years of no wear or tears. As we earlier noted, every manufacturer has a goal in mind; others focus on delivering quality.

It is a good idea to check out what other users or past customers have had to say about a product before purchasing it. You may come across disappointments in a boot’s durability or learn more that can raise red flags on your intended purchase.


Every product comes with a price tag. Before spending your money on any pair, ensure that you are satisfied with its delivery and features. Have a look at what it has to offer and what it would mean to you. If you can afford it, there would be no reason to hesitate to buy it.

Some products are more affordable than others; this does not mean they are of lesser quality. Take your time with a pair’s features and the views of other users. If you are satisfied and happy with one, feel free to make your purchase. 

I hope you find what you are looking for. Happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Snowboarding is thrilling. Enthusiasts have all the right reasons to enjoy their moments of sport or recreation. However, it would not be possible to have all the fun without the right equipment; a high-quality, comfortable, fitting pair of boots is essential.

Individuals with wide feet find a difficult time finding the right fit of snowboarding boots. A tight-fit would be uncomfortable to ride on, and a too-wide pair could make it as complicated or even impossible. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find the best fit for wide feet.

The options available in the market can be confusing. We have discussed some of the top products, and each has something unique to offer. It is good to know what features would serve you best and what you should not miss in a good pair.

From our list, I would recommend that you buy the Burton Ruler. Snowboarding enthusiasts loved the Burton Ruler and found the pair to provide a great fit and thus comfortable. These boots are the most-favored for wide feet.

Buy the Burton Ruler today!

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