If you are thinking that you need to master the technique when you are snowboarding, then you are absolutely wrong. It also requires the correct tools or equipment. One of the many tools which are required is the snowboard binding which is in perfect condition.

Using a snowboard binding enhances the game to a different level if you wear it with a correct pair of board and boots. What it actually does is that it makes sure you have proper control and energy during the game. It surely does boost the performer of the player, but it also makes a huge impact on the comfort of the player.

Snowboarding can be found in many patterns. Several players are found to have an inclination towards a specific pattern of bindings. While some beginners have no idea what the best option for them actually is. Well, you might be aware that there are many choices which you can make while selecting a snowboard binding. However, the most popular one is the rear entry style snowboard bindings. The reason for this is that one of the straps of your snowboard can be used to easily get in or out of it.

In the below article you will come to know about the top 3 rear entry snowboard bindings which are available in the market. Even if you are not that skilled you will be able to get something out of the experience.

Top Picks: Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

1. Flow Alpha MTN

Flow is one of the popular brands which offers its clients a varied variance of rear entry style bindings. Well, you can call it their specialization. That is the main reason that Flow Alpha MTN is considered at the top level in the list of best rear entry snowboard bindings.

The design is a patent to Flow Alpha MTN which makes it perfect It is liked by many professionals because it is easier to get in and out of the snowboard. That’s not all, the secure fit makes it a perfect tool to increase the level of performance and response. They come with a hi-back which is padded. The foot base is known to provide a lot of comforts, along with this they offer medium flex while riding on the mountains.


  • Provides awesome performance when it comes to any rear entry binding.
  • Safe, stable, and secure fit.
  • The foot base provides comfort and also has a hi-back that is padded.
  • If you go for a customized fit, you can get the LSR Ratchets.
  • Perfect for all kinds of mountain riding.


  • Buckles might break if you use them continuously.

2. System MTN

The System MTN is also known for its top-performance when it comes to rear entry binding. It is very easy to step into it & come out of the bindings, which is due to the ankle strap which opens automatically when the buckle is flipped. When you want to ride you can clinch it back, and you are ready to go.

The foot base has a hi-back along with EVA foam padding which creates a lot of comfort along with high-density dampening. Further it, the foot base is backed by long-lasting polyurethane material which is available in multiple sizes.


  • You can step in and out of it easily.
  • Long-lasting polyurethane material.
  • The foot base is hi-back and has an EVA foam padding.
  • Numerous size options.


  • The cables connected to Hi-back can loosen up with time.

3. Flow Haylo

If you are looking for a snowboard binding that is specifically designed for women, then the best snowboard available in the market would be the Flow Haylo. Flow Haylo makes sure that it exceeds the expectations of the rides they provide the best rear entry style snowboard. These snowboard bindings are made to meet the demands and needs of all kinds of riders.

Flow Haylo has a hi-back and is light-weight which provides easy access to the rider, it has a Fusion ExoFit Power Strap which is created to provide top-class performance and stability with just one strap pattern. The baseplate is rockered which in turn enhances the performance of the rider and can be used in mountains.


  • Can be used all over the mountain as it has medium flex.
  • The footbed is a hi-back that can recline so that the rider can entering or exit the snowboard with ease.
  • Power Strap is comfortable which increases the performance of the rider.
  • The baseplate is rockered.


  • The buckles are not that durable.

Some Important Points to Look

Rear side binding is not the only binding available. There are a couple of other styles such as step-on and traditional.  The traditional style is also a well-known style, along with rear styles. However, the most uncommon style is the step-on. The choice of the rider is important in these cases. You can choose any style you wish.

How to Choose Good Snowboard Bindings?

With various options available in the market making a correct decision would not be an easy thing to do. If you want to find out the best snowboards then you need to narrow down the options, while keeping the below-mentioned factor in mind.

Riding Style

You should choose a snowboard that goes well along with your riding style. The snowboard bindings can be categorized into three different groups:

  • All Mountain.
  • Freeride.
  • Freestyle.

All Mountain

A perfect all-mountain snowboard binding is made to handle different kinds of terrains.  This might include parks, groomed runs & powder. The binding should be made in such a way that they have a reasonable balance when it comes to responsiveness and flexibility. Mostly all-mountain riders choose a binding that has a medium flex. However, it totally depends on your personal preference. If you buy a high-end product then it would be stiffer and more responsive.


This binding is made for steep and deep terrains so make sure you get a freeride snowboard binding while riding on a deep or steep terrain. If you compare these with the other bindings you would find it to be much stiff. Hence, it is known to have much more responsiveness and is good when it comes to transferring energy. If you are planning on riding really fast on a steep terrain then this is the perfect option of snowboard binding you should go with. These are specifically designed for aggressive riders.


If you enjoy spending time in the terrain park most of the day. Then the best binding for you would be the freestyle binding. They have a much softer flex when you compare it to the other styles. The best part of the design is that it gives you an option to take care of the landing even if you make an error. Thus, you get to land much more softly. The comfort level is much higher when you have this snowboard binding on.

Types of Snowboard Bindings

When you are choosing a snowboard binding you would find two options which are rear entry & strap-in. In the below article you would come to know much more about these bindings:

  • Strap-in Snowboard Bindings.
  • Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings.

Strap-in Snowboard Bindings: A very popular option that is used by riders. As the name suggests, you can easily strap into the snowboard bindings with your snow boots attached to the baseplate. This binding has ankle and toe straps along with the ratchet buckle system. These strap-in bindings are popular because they are user-friendly and responsive. These findings have been used by many rides for many ages.

Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings: Reinforced high back is the most important feature of rear entry bindings which comes along with just a strap at the toe. These bindings are reclining, it will automatically open when you slide the snow boot. However, they are much heavy when you go ahead and compare them to a strap-in binding system.

Quality of the Materials Used

Each of the snowboard bindings has its own pros and cons. Hence it is very important that you understand everything about all the parts of the binding. If you do so you can find the best quality snowboard for yourself starting from the material that is used, along with the comfort which the product can provide you. So, consider the below factors before you purchase a snowboard binding that suits you.


This part is important as it forms the connector which binds the snowboard. When you look at the baseplate, you would find that this is the part where the cushioning is done. Hence, the comfort of the rider is totally dependent on how much cushioning is done. The other feature of the baseplate is that it has a dampening effect which reduces the vibration which you feel. This can be one of the reasons why the rider feels less fatigue while riding. Freestyle riders need the cushioning to be done a bit more than usual. However, if you are an aggressive rider, you will need less cushioning.

High Back

When a vertical plate is linked to the heel cup it is referred to as highback. The highback binding is good in terms of response, support, comfort & control. The binding perfectly holds the lower calf which in turn improves the rider’s posture when turning. It is important for you to understand what composition and height of the highback are you interested to buy.

If you are a beginner you should always consider a model which includes a high back that is soft. It would give you an opportunity to save yourself even if you make a mistake when you land. The landing becomes comfortable and easier.

If you are a professional you should make sure to buy the model that includes a high back which is stiffer. What it does for you is provide better control & precision, even when you are riding at a very high speed.


These straps have a much larger impact on the rider’s comfort. This binding would actually be the one which you would have to adjust to. So, when you are looking for a snowboard binding such as this you need to look at numerous sizes or options or even get the binding customized. It is important that you get it personalized for yourself so that the fit is most comfortable for you.

Usually, there is a toe strap in the regular snowboard bindings which is mostly placed above the foot. You can still find this design in the regular cheap models which are still designed for young people. Nowadays, due to new technologies and innovation, there is something which has come up known as toe cap strap. This is good for the protection of riders and also ensures that it is a perfect fit for the rider.

Also, you should be checking on the strap of the ankle as it is this strap that would keep your boots in the correct place. It does not matter with what intensity you are riding. Hence, it is the main cause of enhancement of responsiveness and power in the binding.


Rear entry snowboard bindings are perfect for riders who want to ride on the slopes with a lot of ease and comfort. The bindings listed here are all very popular style and are made to ensure that the rider gets the best possible comfort while on the move. It gives a perfect balance of performance, easy to wear, and comfortable binding options. You will love to snowboard using any one of these products.

However, the best of all the above snowboard binding is the Flow Alpha MTN snowboard binding because it can provide awesome performance when it comes to any rear entry binding. It is safe, stable, and has a secure fit. The Foot base provides comfort and also has a hi-back that is padded. If you go for a customized fit, you can get the LSR Ratchets. Mostly it is one of the best snowboard bindings when it comes to riding on all types of mountain terrain.

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