For starters, carving is a pivotal skiing technique that usually involves skiing the snowboard edges to maneuver on cornered slopes. It is an essential skiing drill that requires the use of specific equipment.

Mastering your carving technique is dependent on a lot of factors including, good weather, intense practice, good terrain, and last but not least, the necessary equipment. The last point mentioned is most often overlooked. The most important equipment in carving is the snowboard. 

The use of a proper snowboard not only helps you master your technique but also averts injuries. Hence, a good snowboard ensures safety as an injury is the last thing a professional skier would want while training. When looking for the perfect snowboard, there are so many green flags to look out for.

It is also important for prospective buyers to ensure they enquire about the level of expertise required to use specific snowboards before making a purchase. This is because the level of skill which refers to amateur, intermediate or advanced, is factored in some of the board’s features.

For instance, how sharp is your snowboard’s edge? Does it have a side cut? How stiff is the core? Does it have a directional shape? These are some of the many questions you should ask yourself before purchasing your carving snowboard.

This article will comprehensively cover some of the best carving snowboards in the market while highlighting each of their brands and the best quality each one offers. These snowboards are branded as follows;

1. Jones Flagship

This is a high-quality carving snowboard that is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 151 to 172. The best quality it possesses is that of being suitable on all terrains. Snowboards come in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

It is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials that up the core and its laminates. A few of the materials infused to make the core include hardwoods such as bamboo, poplar, and paulownia. A few of the laminates are; basalt, flax, triax fiberglass, and so on.

These core hardwoods are incorporated into the design uniquely as the center is more flexible than the nose and tail, making it rigid. The center’s flexibility increases the snowboard’s flex from edge to edge, whereas the nose and tail’s rigidity enhances its stability.

These qualities also enable a skier to make swift and easy turns. Lamination materials such as triax fiberglass also provide an increment of the board’s flex across its width. 

This classic brand has its boards manufactured in adherence to the tapered directional design with a touch of the 3D profile shape, making it even more suitable for carving. A tapered directional design is that which has a differing tail and nose.

In this case, the nose is usually larger in width than the nose with a set back stance. This design enhances a skier’s maneuverability in difficult terrain alongside enhancing a good float in powder. Thus can be suitable for professional skiers during the competition as it saves on time and energy.

The bases of both the nose and tail have curvatures that facilitate easier snow gliding. The brand also incorporated a unique edge technology known as Traction Tech 3.0. There are three traction bumps in the tail, center, and nose in its design. 

This edge technology feature enhances the board’s steadiness while gliding in snow. The good stability will effectively enable a skier to hold a decent edge. The traction technology is far more subtle compared to other edge technologies seen in other ski-boards.


  • It is suitable for use on all terrains.
  • It has advanced edge technology.
  • It has a tapered directional shape.


  • Its high-quality materials and features make it expensive.

2. Lib Tech Dynamo

This is another brand with the best interests of skiers at heart. This freeride snowboard is available in sizes ranging from 150 to 162. This directional snowboard’s core is primarily made out of aspen and some paulownia hardwood.

Firstly, these hardwoods ensure longevity alongside providing it with its flexible and light nature. The presence of birch railings and the snowboard’s sidecut also enhances the equipment’s longevity and overall strength.

Lamination materials constitute a mixture of triaxial and biaxial fiberglass with an Eco Sublimated base from Lib Tech. Thus, the base gives it a lastingness that requires little to no maintenance effort as they are abrasion-resistant.

Since it is a directional snowboard, the tail is smaller in width than its nose, a feature that enhances its float while gliding in steep snow. This shape also facilitates easier carving. Besides regular, it can also accommodate a few stances.

The brand thoughtfully incorporates the well-known Magne Traction edge technology into its design. This edge technology has seven traction bumps for maximum hold and stability while carving through the snow-filled terrain.

Among the existing snowboard profiles, this brand chose C3 camber, and while C3 camber is dominant, there is a slight reverse camber meant to be between a skier’s feet. Camber is the side profile interpretation when a snowboard is placed on snow. Reverse camber is also known as a rocker.

A camber profile is to balance as a rocker is to flexibility. The specific balance in which this brand has blended the two profiles makes it suitable for carving in an all-mountain terrain.


  • It is suitable for all types of terrain.
  • It is manufactured from durable and light hardwoods.
  • Its base makes it abrasion-resistant. 


  • It has limited stances.

3. Never Summer West Bound

In addition to the list, we have this freeride board with all-mountain versatility. It is mostly suitable for carving by mid-level to professional skiers. It is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 153 to 168. 

The brand used the snowboard profile Fusion Rocker Camber that gives extra springiness and stability. This profile has an extended space that gives an allowance for transition while skiing. It has a setback stance that enhances powder floatation and provides a powerful edge grip.

The core is mainly made of wood. It is reinforced with stringers made from birch. These stringers boost the snowboard’s elasticity and strength. Its manufacture involves a special light wood for easier maneuverability while gliding.

It has carbon on its base, which also enhances the torsional and longitudinal strength of the board. The manufacturer incorporated an advanced construction system known as RDS 2 Damping. This system alludes to an advanced laminating construction system for freeride stability.

Apart from providing stability, this system is structurally enabled to absorb vibrations that result from bumps and other similar obstacles encountered while skiing. This system is structured to cushion the skier and literally provide smooth sailing that minimizes foot fatigue.

The directionally tapered snowboard has a Vario Power Grip Sidecut with five contact points. These points are tiny but significant as they strengthen the edge hold, contributing to improving the board’s performance.

Last but not least, it has a Durasurf XT 5501 base. This is a high-quality sintered base coupled with many advantages, including its adaptability to any terrain, enhancing longevity, and its high-speed nature.


  • It has advanced construction system technology.
  • It has advanced laminate technology.
  • It incorporates both camber and rocker to its shape.


  • It is unsuitable for inexperienced skiers.

4. The Bataleon Party Wave

This is a powder board that is tapered directional. A tapered directional board bears great similarity to a directional one. However, the differences are crystal clear due to the differing tail and nose. It has a limited stance and is suitable for mid-level and advanced-level skiers.

This tapered directional board, therefore, has a larger nose in width than a tail. It has several assorted features, which makes it resourceful for those looking to enhance their carving skills. It is available in a limited size range of 148 to 157.

This 3D-shaped snowboard has an advanced technology known as 3BT. This technology has its characteristic curved shape with camber. This enhances its quality of being a free ride snowboard while giving room for effortless turns while skiing through rough terrain.

The Party Wave has an increased board surface area for easier powder flotation. Thus, this makes it a volume shift snowboard. It basically has an increased width for a shorter length. Its short length makes it a great addition to the collection of a skier within a tree-filled terrain.

Like most other snowboards, its core materials are primarily from paulownia and poplar wood. These are lightweight hardwoods that give it its light nature alongside enhancing durability as they do not easily break.

Its construction system also incorporates stringers which are of carbon nature, into its sidewalls and core. These stringers bring extra springiness and a perfect balance. They are also a major distinguishing factor between this version and other Party Wave versions.

Its lamination system uses triax fiberglass for a maximized stiffer flex to make it more ideal for carving, although it was primarily designed as a powder board. This also may enhance the edge-hold for a better carving experience. 

This brand also ensures using environmentally friendly base material as the snowboard has a sintered Ptex base. A sintered base is essential as it is resistant to abrasion, which boosts its longevity, making this a very economical buy, particularly for those who endeavor to conserve the environment.


  • It incorporates 3BT technology.
  • It has an environmentally friendly sintered base.
  • It is a volume shift powder board with great stability.


  • It is unsuitable for amateurs.

5. Never Summer East 

This snowboard was primarily designed as a carving board with its Ripsaw camber, among other necessary carving features. It was tailored with its super speed in mind and enabled the skier to have as maximum fun while at it as possible.

As mentioned, the snowboard’s profile is Ripsaw camber which slightly extended areas. This is a versatile profile that gives it its extra springiness and firm edge hold. These are great carving characteristics. The extended area enables carving in icy terrain.

Its nose and tail are short with an extra width that will provide a skier with extra clearance while making that clean carve. As opposed to the West Bound, which has a Vario Power Grip Sidecut, the East has a Chairman Power Grip Sidecut.

These extra contact points mostly boost stability and the edge hold, which should be strongest during carving. It also incorporates an advanced construction system known as RDS 1+ Damping System. 

This system has double the usual size of damping materials. It enhances the board’s elasticity, stability, and absorption. The type of absorption being referred to here is the kind with affinity to vibrations. Thus this feature ensures a smooth skiing experience for its clients.

Its core is primarily made out of poplar wood and birch stringers. These birch stringers are mostly used on the snowboard’s sidewalls. Poplar wood is a lightweight hardwood; thus, apart from the board being light, this material also increases its longevity. 

It has a sintered base alongside sintered Ptex sidewalls which are adaptable in extremely low temperatures. Its base also has UHMW polyethylene that surrounds the core and acts as a shock and vibration absorber. It is also available in sizes ranging from 152 to 165.


  • It is highly stable.
  • It has the most advanced damping system.
  • It has a ripsaw camber profile.


  • It is not cost-friendly.

6. Capita Black Snowboard of Death

This is a quality directional board that has been around for two decades. For two decades, this brand has availed it to the market without depreciating its quality. Instead, this board has been remarkably improved over the years. 

Since its directional, it has both a tail and a nose of similar width. However, these two are not identical as they have different lengths and shapes. As much as it allows switch riding, the board was mainly designed to facilitate directional riding or regular stance with its set back stance.

The snowboard’s profile is Capita’s Alpine V1 which has both rocker and camber sections in the nose. This profile enhances carving stability, springiness making it a great fit for powder floatation.

It has differing side cuts which favor a regular stance as aforementioned. These side cuts have an arc used as a contact point and have even earned a nickname from its grip’s firmness. This is an outstanding feature that makes this board an excellent choice to carve in various terrain.

Its core is made out of poplar and paulownia. These are soft and light hardwoods. They increase the board’s longevity and maneuverability. Its lamination technology has infused carbon railings along its sidewalls. Carbon is its prominent lamination material.

Other lamination materials include flax, triax fiberglass, and so forth. These laminates bring additional stability, springiness, and resilience to the board. The brand ensures it uses ecologically sustainable materials so as not to harm the environment.

Its base is sintered, thus durable since it is abrasion-resistant. The base also incorporates UHMW polyethylene which cushions its sidewalls and acts as an impact absorber, and so on. This base is Capita’s Hyperdrive base. It is available in sizes ranging from 156 to 169.


  • It is a swift snowboard.
  • It has a Capita’s Alpine V1 profile.
  • It has a highly advantageous Capita’s Hyperdrive base.


  • It is costly and unsuitable for skiing amateurs.

Final words

In summary, these six boards are among the crème de la crème of carving snowboards in the market. Each of them incorporates a unique feature, technology, and construction system to make it the most suitable for carving.

These boards are from reputable brands that have been in the market for years and have made significant strides to keep up with the ever-changing trends and terrain. They also have their advantages and disadvantages, but in most cases, as can be observed, the advantages supersede the disadvantageous factors.

We have also established that mid-level or advanced skiers are the ones who mostly indulge in carving; hence, there is a need to manufacture more beginner-friendly suited carving snowboards.

Carving is an important skiing technique that requires specialized tools. Overlooking the need to abide by these simple, self-explanatory rules of the sport may be detrimental to an individual. Using improper boards, particularly for advanced skiers, may result in career-ending injuries or even death.

The Jones Flagship board is excellent for carving, among many other of its uses, as it is multi-faceted. The board can be used on all types of terrain, be it a mountainous region, steep and icy terrain, without forgetting how good it can make for tree runs.

It incorporates numerous technology in its construction, making it desirable in the current market. These advanced features have undoubtedly contributed to elevating its quality.

Despite being expensive, the Flagship board provides true value for your money. We hope that this article has equipped you with the necessary information you require to make a wise purchase.

It is important to note that you can always consult the trained sports shop attendants to guide you on the best snowboard that matches your skillset, or better yet, you can consult your coach for advice. However, this mostly applies to those who indulge in competitive skiing as they are the ones who are more likely to have trainers.

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