After consulting with professionals in the snowboarding game, there is certain information that our team has mentioned in the below article about the Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet with Speakers (Audio) in the year 2021.

Safety for any snowboarder should be the first thing they should think about and most likely is the best friend you would get in the mountains. Due to modern technology, Bluetooth snowboard helmets that had speakers became very famous because of this reason.

Do you want to know the reason why the built-in speaker helmet so special? The reason being that it can actually be connected to any of your media players such as iPod, MP3 and phone through the blue tooth or an audio cable.

This article will help you choose the best blue tooth helmet with a speaker that you might be needing.

Top Picks of Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet with Speaker (Audio)

1. BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet

The BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet includes a headphone of high quality. Hence you don’t need to plug in the earbuds under the helmet. You can also buy wireless audio chips. It has a premium liner that controls the moisture, along with the BOA that is an adjustable system for fitting, ABS/EPS construction. It is a super safe and amazing helmet that fees nice to wear. Apart from snowboarding, this helmet is being used even for biking and skiing.


Brand: BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet.

Size:  Small/Medium/Large.

Color: Black.

Outer Material: ABS

Inner Material: EPS


  • It is styled like the baseball-hat and has a hard visor that has the look of the Bern style. It makes you feel so comfortable that it always makes you feel at home.
  • The main highlight of the helmet is the adjustable fit system also known as the BOA. It also has the ABS/EPS construction, along with the liner that is premium-based, even the Watts are fitted perfectly. The channels of the air have been channelled perfectly and the air is pulled in through the front vents. Thus, it passages of air and also allows air to flow out through the vents in the back.
  • It has an ABS shell along with the hard foam known as EPS. This foam is very good and keeps the rider safe. It is a low-profile design that has reliable protection. The design has followed the EN 1077B ASTM F 2040 standard that is meant for snowboarding and skiing and also the EN 1078 standard for skating and riding bikes.
  • The warm and cold liners for different weather conditions are replaceable.
  • You can put the PDW Bike Light along with the Wireless Audio Chips that can be dropped in.


  • The summer liner is not added.

2. K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmets

These are very comfortable helmets that can be adjusted and are safe to wear while snowboarding & skiing. These helmets come with a wired audio connection. It has a ventilation system that is excellent when you compare it to other brands. The K2 brand makes a lot more headsets than expected. 


Brand: K2

Size: Small/medium

Color: Black

Outer Material: ABS

Inner Material: EPS


  • There are many colors to choose from.
  • It is good looking and has wonderful external control.
  • It has a Fit System known as the K2Dialed.
  • The Liner is fully wrapped.
  • It has a Matrix Venting that is active.
  • The goggle strap is removable.


  • Found none.

3. POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet

The POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet has excellent sound quality. The helmet is equipped with a microphone that allows you to speak, even adjust the volume of the music and adjusting your music volume and gives you an option to go to the next song.

The ventilation system is adjustable and has vents near the goggles. Many experts suggest always pick the POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet. So yes, you can trust them.

However, it is a bit expensive and does not have many options when it comes to the color of the helmet.


Size: Extra Small /Small.

Color: White.

Brand: POC

Outer Material: Polycarbonate, ABS

Inner Material: Polystyrene, that is expanded.


  • Snowboarding & Skiing: Perfect support for long and short days on the mountain; A communication-enabled helmet for extreme snow sports, from backcountry skiing to off-piste boarding
  • It is a good choice when it comes to going for any short or long trip to the hills for snowboarding and skiing. This helmet has a feature of communication in the helmet and can be used for snow sports in extreme weather condition. It is good for skiing in the countryside and even for snowboarding.
  • Protection layer: It has an in-mold EPS liner, which is lightweight. The top shell is made up of a PC shell and a durable ABS that helps in protection against a crash.
  • Communication that is built-in: It has a blue tooth speaker that has an inbuilt mic, that helps you in staying connected in snowy conditions. It will help you in communicating and also in listening to music.
  • Comfortable: It can be fine-tuned with a size-adjustment system for the interior. The vents can be slide and can help in controlling the temperature and the fog in the google.
  • Advanced Spin Technology: It has a silicone pad technology also known as the SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside). It uses material that is very innovative and is a perfect example of how POC approaches its helmet designs.


  • The helmet is not that comfortable.

Do Snowboarders Need A Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet With Speakers (Audio)?

Well! Yes, this an essential accessory that every snowboarder should have. If you have a helmet for a snowboard that has a built-in audio system, it will help in reducing the hurt that occurs because of the headphone. Music is everyone’s partner during hours when you are alone or if you want to listen to something nice while you are snowboarding in the mountains that can soothe you. Many snowboarders have tried using various headphones but due to the earplugs, it hurts a lot inside the helmet. However, when you use the helmet that has audio functions included in it. It will help you have a soothing experience and would not make your ears sensitive. It also reduces the belonging you carry.  You don’t have to carry a headphone along with the helmet for the snowboarding weekend and hence there is no reason for you to lose the headphone. So, it has less risk involved. Also, if you like the music you can still listen to your favourite track while you are snowboarding without any sensitive ear.

What to Consider?

Wired vs. Bluetooth: It is a good thing to have a helmet that has a connection with your phone media player and your helmet. There are two types of audio headsets: Wired and blue tooth. Each has its own pros and cons. The wired headset does provide good sound quality and there is nothing wrong with the battery life. However, this is one of the disadvantages of the blue tooth headset.

Whatever be the advantage blue tooth headset always are considered the best, the reason being that it is very convenient. All phones nowadays have the blue tooth feature that makes it easier the connection between your phone and the helmet. So, it does not disturb you while you want to switch to the next song or reduce the music. As you do not have to take the helmet off while you are snowboarding skiing.

Functioning Of The Media Player And Phone: While you are snowboarding, you are in an environment that is extremely cold and is surrounded by snow and ice. Any phone or media device does not suit the environment that has a lot of moisture in it. Hence, if you get yourself a helmet that has Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet with Speakers it would be a great way to play your favourite track in an environment that does not suit your media player as it would be safe from external weather conditions. It even allows you to answer your calls while you are skiing or snowboarding which is again another amazing feature of these helmets.

Quality of Sound: The music quality of the speaker of the headset is very important but it is ok if it is not that good like the ones you generally use while you go to work. It does not matter as you need to also be focused on the snowboarding. It is important that your body is concentrating on balancing and coordinating the moves of the body part. The other reason is that you also need to enjoy the serene beauty of nature and gossip and talk with your friends at the snow park. This feature is not always something that snowboarders should be looking for in the first place but is an added advantage for them.

In the above article, the best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet with Speakers (Audio) is the BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet because it has Fit System known as the K2Dialed. The Liner is fully wrapped and the goggle strap is removable. It also has a Matrix Venting that is active.

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