One of the 6-step series on the basics of buttering is the basic buttering position. In this article, you will find the first step of this progression for free. 

The information here will guide you to butter up the hill with style and ease. But first, what exactly is a butter?

What is a Butter

A butter is like a wheelie which you do on a bike. However, here, you do it on a snowboard. You pull up on your left or right leg to flex the board to lift that area of the board, which leaves you to ride using the remaining foot. There are many types of butters from beginner to advanced. But, you will need to understand the basic principle first before you move to other advanced forms of buttering. 

The tips below will help you with the basics. 

Tip 1 – Where to Place Your Weight

When you are riding ordinarily, your body position should align with the following:

  • Head up straight and look in the direction that you are riding
  • Back up straight
  • Lower and upper body parallel with your snowboard 
  • Knees bent 
  • Ankles bent 

Riders who want to start buttering are required to place their weight towards the nose or the tail. Ensure that you keep your usual riding position in the same way. 

The rider’s weight should also be centered on the middle of your board when you are cruising down the hill. All you must do when you want to start buttering is to place your body weight towards the nose or tail.

  • Place your weight in the center of the snowboard
  • Shift your bodyweight towards the tail 

If you drift your weight over your back foot, the snowboard will probably just be flat with the snow and won’t do much. You must place your weight on the right point after you have imagined a dot on the snowboard to get a stylish press. 

When you shift your weight, your snowboard will rise from the snow. You do not have to lift the snowboard off the ground physically with your front leg. The snowboard tip will rise when you shift your weight correctly. 

When you have mastered how to shift your weight and take the best position on your trail, you can then try it on the nose too. Employ this same weight shifting technique to the nose of the snowboard. 

Remember that you must maintain your usual body position. 

  • Choose a Point on your Snowboard Nose
  • Place your weight onto that spot you have chosen

Tip 2 – Be in Charge of Your Press

Your snowboard will only ascend off the ground by 4 inches/ 10cm when you shift your weight. When pressing, note that a small controlled press appears more modish than a big out-of-control press. 

If you try to toss your board off the ground, you will end up looking like a jerry. In summary, a small controlled press enables you to be better balanced and butter longer. 

You can try it to see how far you can butter. 

Tip 3 – Place Your Back Foot Behind Your Back Knee

One mistake that is prevalent to new or amateur riders when trying butters is that they tweak their back leg inwards. Tweaking your back leg inwards does not give you a strong stable position. 

It is best to place your back leg behind your knee to get the best position. 

Tip 4 – Do Not Just Lean

Many riders just lean on the top of their snowboard when trying presses for the first time. Your focus should be on shifting your weight and hips over an imaginary dot as mentioned in tip 1 above. 

It is not how well you lean that will give you that press, but rather when you shift your weight. 

Wrap up

With these few tips, we believe that by now you already know the best buttering position. The knowledge of this position will guide you in snowboarding buttering.

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