The Fastec Vision is a true all-rounder on the mountain! Baseplate and highback offer medium flex and top-notch performance in the park as well as on the slope: enough support and a direct power transmission to carve proper turns and stick hard landings; and enough flexibility to guarantee jibs and tricks without any limitations. With these bindings, anything is possible – without squeezing your money! In short: The know-how of the Fastec series for the rider with a smaller wallet.

  • light – ultralight 3D Toe Strap
  • versatile – medium flex
  • fast - Fastec System
  • Size-adjustable drop-back highback with lever closure
  • Fastec 4 baseplate made of high-quality plastic
  • Forward lean adjustment in the highback lever
  • Tool-free adjustment (toe & ankle straps)
  • Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckles
  • 3D toe & ankle straps
  • Symmetrical Highback (medium flex, drop-back system)
  • Ergonomic highback pad with 20% recycled EVA
  • Toe ramp and heelplate dampening