Manuela Mariani

Manuela Mariani

First name: Manuela
Last name: Mariani
Home: Rome, Italy
Homeresort: Ovindoli/Campo, Italy
Snowboarding since: 2002
Year of birth:
Favourite board: Impress 145 and 148
Stance: Regular, +15 / -15
Best results:
> 1st Best Team Chicks on Board Campo Felice - 2010
> 1st Best Team Chicks on Board Ovindoli - 2009
> 1st Place snowboard slopestyle FSI Campo Staffi - 2007
> 2nd Snowboard league FSI Ovindoli - 2006
> 2nd Wild Games Campo Felice - 2012
> 3rd Snowboard Cup Ovindoli (1TTR) - 2012

- nickname Manu Chicks
- strengths: Will Power
- weakness: Everything at once
- fashion accessory: Lip gloss and shoes
- color: Blue and pink
- food: Chicken curry
- drink: Spritz Aperol
- piercings or tatoos: None
- book: “Oceano Mare” Baricco
- music: I love all the good music
- best holiday location: Val Senales
- best way to relax: Fishing with dad
- magazines: On Board, Vanity Fair
- websites:

If I cash 1.000.000€ in the lottery then...
I would like to go with my best friends all around the world... I pay for everything of course!

Your house is burning...
I don’t know .... I would save my family, my two turtles and run away!

An Affair to Remember...
I will never forget when I got stuck inside the level crossing... scary!

What means snowboarding to you?
I love snowboarding and everything around it :nature, sports, different emotions every day, adrenaline, riding with “sisters”, a lot of trips to various and beautiful places and Chicks On Board.

Has your life changed being a snowboard pro?
I don’t consider myself a snowboard pro, I am a amateur snowboarder.

What kind of rider are you?
I love jibbing with friends “everywhere”, but as soon as I have time I move up toward good snowparks for new rails and jumps.

What do you like most about Völkl Snowboards?
I ride Völkl snowboards since 2008 and I really like the boards. I think they are perfect... both on kickers and on box and rails. Also the graphics are really cool!

The place to be?
Anywhere there is snow with the right people!

Your signature trick?
To go out from pulljam in fs 1 or in double tail grab, i love bs bonk, but my favourite trick is fs tail to pretzel out, and during this move i have fun to press "hard" the tail.

What kind of style is up to date? What trick is done?
I think that everything done with style and technique is very cool and stylish ...old tricks are coming back in fashion!

Which trick do you want to learn next?
A lot... but first of all the style!

How do you motivate yourself and learn new tricks?
First of all i try to be in good physical condition and in confidence with myself, but most of all to ride with people with a level higher then mine. So I can push my limits and exceed my fears and doubts!

You had any dangerous situations on the mountain so far?
In Switzerland  I had a bad crash with dislocation of the sternum during the last season and I had a lot of physical and psychological troubles, thanks to my perseverance and love for the snowboard I have gone on.

Highlights of last season?
First of all to start again snowboarding after my crash. Moreover I had good results not only in the contest, but also in Chicks on Board, a female snowboard freestyle event, which I organize since 2008.

Blue bird & perfect conditions – who should be in your riding crew?
I organize a women's event so my attention is for girls, this is the reason why I would like to have a "Female Crew"!

The best Snowboard trip ever was...
Thanks to snowboard trips I traveled a lot all around Europe, but my dream is to go to New Zealand.

What stuff is in your backpack when you head up to ride or travel?
Mp3- Player, wax, chocolate, honey, water, drums and the cable for my Iphone!

What is your favourite contest & why?

All female contests, because when you ride with other girls you push your limits.

What do you do when you are not riding?
I try to stay in form with yoga and personal training. But I always find time to visit summer glaciers.

In five years I want...
to live my life as I live it now... with a good job, a wonderful family and friends who love me.

...molto bene!