When we built the Fastec Vision Kids, we had one vision in mind: To make the introduction into snowboarding as easy as possible for the youngsters. The baseplate's and highback's smooth flex is perfect for the first turns as it makes these bindings very forgiving and prevents painful pressure marks. Additional comfort is provided through the baseplate, which is specifically made for small feet, and the convenient 3D Straps. To make strapping in fun, we equipped the Fastec Vision Kids with top-notch technology: The bindings only need to be adjusted to the boot the first time. From then on you can close them with only a flick of the wrist and they will offer you perfect hold for the rest of the season.

  • light – baseplate for kids
  • forgiving & playful – soft flex
  • fast – Fastec System
  • Size-adjustable drop-back highback with lever closure
  • Fastec 4 baseplate made of high-quality plastic
  • Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckle
  • 3D toe & ankle straps
  • Symmetrical Highback (medium flex, drop-back system)
  • Ergonomic highback pad with 20% recycled EVA